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                                                        Sales scripts & prospecting scripts
                                                                                                                   for business development 

     Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting Scripts contain the key dialogue to use after the introduction & reason for the call. 
    That’s the critical point in time that a prospecting call can go in many different directions. Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting Scripts 
feature three
 color-coded sections that have
 over 300 lines of dialogue that will prepare you for the next 2-10 minutes of a prospecting call.

           Sales scripts.   
           Over 75 lines of dialogue to ask for an appointment.               Over 100 of lines of dialogue designed to             Picture of his book: "Smooth-talker, How To Write A Sales & Prospecting Script"
           150 responses to Objections & Questions.                              sell your products & services.                                and the upgrade to a Multi-ring binder and a genuine leather portfolio.
        The scripts have 60 pages printed on 90lb. cardstock. Includes a high-quality leatherette 3-ring binder, a 22 page Instruction Manual,
       a Scriptwriting kit, plus extra pages & extra pieces of card-stock for you to customize and write your own additional scripts.

      The scripts are ready to use right out of the box!                                                      They're all cut-down & completely assembled.                  

    All scripts are priced at $97.00   ___________________________________          

              To receive free sample scripts just E-mail:  or phone us at 949 673-1300 
We're so sure you'll be satisfied with our prospecting scripts that we'll give you a 30 day "money back guarantee"  

                                                                      28 sales & prospecting scripts are available as of January 2015

                                                        Residential Real Estate
      Real estate Expired listings scripts.                                 Real estate Cold-call & Farming.  
      Telemarketers & Sales-assistants Expired listings.              Sales-assistants & Telemarketing Cold-calling scripts. 
      Real estate For-Sale-By-Owner scripts.                           
Real estate Notice of Default scripts.  Short-sale & Foreclosure.
      Telemarketing For-Sale-By-Owner.                                      Sales-assistants & Telemarketing for Notice of Default.

      Real estate New agents. 
      Specially designed for the newly licensed agent. 

                                                                        Commercial Real Estate

      Commercial real estate agents Leasing scripts.              Commercial real estate Listing & Selling.
      Telemarketing for Commercial real estate - Leasing.            Telemarketing for Commercial real estate - Listing & Sales.

      Financial Services & Financial Advisors.                           Insurance Agents.   
      Telemarketing for Financial Planners                                     Telemarketing for Insurance Agents.    
      Mortgage lenders & Loan brokers.                         
      Telemarketing for Mortgage brokers.                        

                                                                          Business scripts 
      Prospecting scripts for the sale of PRODUCTS.              Prospecting scripts for the sale of SERVICES.
      Telemarketers scripts Products.                                            Telemarketing scripts Services.

                                                            Building business by getting referrals

     Referral prospecting scripts.    New product!                       Networking For Referrals scripts.    New product! 
     Asking for referrals                                                              
    Join my local referral networking group
     Telemarketers scripts for calling referral sources.                  Sales-assistants scripts for networking for referrals.  



Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting scripts contain the prospecting dialogue that is usable in the real world of business development. The dialogue becomes your power responses to a prospects questions & objections. Talk to a prospect using impact statements.  Sell your product or service with confidence by using the right words.
Color-coded for efficiency. The most important feature of our scripts is the speed & accuracy with which you can select the dialogue you need. Smooth-talker uses the same colors as a traffic signal.  It's just about fool-proof!  Everyone in the world knows that you: Go on GreenStop on Red, and  Proceed with caution on Yellow.

         GREEN     ..  pages for when you are talking & conversing, usually asking questions & making impact statements.    12 pages with 75 things to say.

         RED          ..  pages when you must stop talking & listen to the prospects objections.       24 pages with over 150 responses.

         YELLOW  ..  pages to sell your products & services and the reasons that they should do business with you.    12 pages with 100's of selling phrases. 

         BLUE       ..  pages for the Lead-off & Sales-openers scripts that are for the first 30-90 seconds of a prospecting call.

        "Simply stand the script up in front of you when you make a prospecting call.  Choose a heading & read any of the 6 lines of dialogue to the prospect"      

   GREEN  12 pages that represent the questions you must ask a prospect.                                                                            
                  Over 75  "1-liners" that ask the prospect about: Need, Want, Money, Time, Potential, Decision, Closes, Agreements & more. 

   Real estate prospecting scripts for expired listings.    Prospecting script for asking sales questions.  

pages   When you must stop talking & listen to the prospects objections and questions.                                          
                        24 pages of the most often heard objections with over 150 proven & effective responses.   

  Expired Listing sales script objection rebuttals.  Real estate sales scripts for objections.

   YELLOW pages  designed to sell your products & services and give reasons that they should do business with you.     
                   12 page headings of information that you should have at your fingertips. There are numerous "fill-in-the-blanks" for you to
                   personalize your scripts with facts & information that tell the prospect about your products & services. 

 Expired Listing sales scripts selling pages.  Prospecting scripts for selling.                            

   BLUE     12 pages of Lead-off & Sales-openers scripts.   The dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call, and states a brief selling message.
                        After you've given your selling message .. all prospecting calls can go in any of three directions!

                      They are: ...
  1.   You are talking & conversing.  Usually asking questions & closing for the appointment.   
                                           2.   Stop talking & listen to the prospects objections & questions that you must respond to.  
                                           3.   Selling dialogue and the traditional reasons to do business with you.

            Short pay script.  Prospecting scripts for making sales calls.
             Sample page from a residential real estate agents Notice Of Default script.                              Sample  of Lead-off & Sales-opener scripts from business prospecting for Referrals.


Each line of dialogue has been chosen from thousands of proven responses. From a collection of over 4,000 "1-liners" in our files we have chosen 300 of the best. Every word was researched & developed under real-world prospecting conditions and tested by real salespeople. The sales scripts & prospecting scripts were written from actual experience. 

The scripts are hand-made and require a lot of labor & expensive materials to produce. They are printed on heavy 90lb. card-stock to withstand the constant flipping of them during a propecting call.   

The sales scripts cost very little in comparison to their payback.  Scripts become priceless when you don't have the right things to say. Sales scripts and prospecting scripts are hard to find. Our research shows that it's nearly impossible to find any useful prospecting scripts. Search the internet and see for yourself.  

 Script are written for the person making the calls for themselves and the sales-assistants & telemarketers who work for them. The differance is the words that they use.  

    1.    Scripts that are designed for the person who is prospecting for their own potential clients by making their own calls
          They are written in the 1st. person singular.  Designed for; real estate agents, financial advisors, insurance agents mortgage lenders, loan brokers and referral sources etc.  

   2.    Sales-assistants, Telemarketers and Appointment-setters.                                                       
         The scripts are written for those who work for them. They must state who they are representing by mentioning them by name.
         For example: Mr./Mrs./Ms. _________ (name of agent) could share some ideas on how you can get more money from the sale of your property. 

                 Real estate training script.  Special offer!   Only $97.00.   Comes with 2 multi-ring binders and a Leatherette portfolio.
                      For New Real Estate Agents.
 All Purpose scripts.  Also suitable for training.  While supplies last.

                           Smooth-talker offers 28 different sales & prospecting scripts written with up-to-date dialogue for the business conditions of 2015.

                                The scripts are written by the author of the book:  "How To Write Your Own Sales & Prospecting Script"  by Richard Bliznik                                     

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                                                  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth at the California Association of Realtors exposition