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About Smooth-talker sales scripts.

   Smooth-talker is a provider of sales scripts to make calls for getting new business. 

You don't need to memorize long wordy sales scripts, you only have to know where the headings are located to find the dialogue quickly. There are 60 pages of dialogue in each sales script that you can access at a glance. Thats over 6,000 words that will help you get more appointments.  

When you need a line of dialogue, just find the appropriate heading page and
pick one or more of the 1-liners & read it to the prospect. Sales scripts are priced at $97.00.  Just place the sales script in front of you when you make a call to a prospect. It's just that easy!  

                  Sales script.       Script for sales.       
               Smooth-talker sales scripts come already cut-down and                             Includes a high quality Leatherette 3-ring  
                      assembled & ready to use right out of the box.                                                  binder plus 4 plastic section flippers.   

                                                            Sales script for prospecting.       
                   Includes a 24 page Instruction Booklet about how to use the scripts and a "script-writing kit" to help your write your own
                  additional prospecting scripts.
 Also included is over 40 pieces of colored card-stock for personalizing the sales scripts  

Smooth-talker sales scripts provide you with a tangible product that you can use immediately. It's not something you must assemble or make yourself. You will be prepared with the right words that will get you more appointments and more sales. You can even add dialogue to the sales script to suit your local market conditions.     

The sales scripts contains 300 of the best one-liners. Proven "1-liners" were chosen for publication because they work!  Every line of our script for sales was narrowed down from a selection of over 4,000 1-liners that we have in our files. The dialogue becomes your stock answers to the prospects questions & objections. We provide you with the dialogue that makes you money!

Large 16 point typeface makes the scripts easy to read. The sales scripts are printed in large 16 point font type so you can spot the dialogue you need at a glance. The dialogue can be read easily at a distance of  2 to 3 feet. Sometimes you are standing when you are making prospecting calls. The 1-liners can be read quickly so that no precious time is lost in hunting for them.

                                             We're so sure that you'll be satisfied that we offer a "30 Day Money Back" guarantee!    

Smooth-talker sales scripts use the same colors as a traffic light!  The color-code we chose is the most important element in locating an appropriate line of dialogue. 

They are printed on Green, Red, and Yellow  90lb. card-stock. 
The colors indicate:    

 When to TALK.  You are doing the talking  to determine the prospects need for your products & services and determine if there is
      a potential etc.
 Usually you will talk about money, best time to meet, decisions, closes, getting agreements etc. 24 pages.

hen to LISTEN. The prospect usually has 3 or 4 questions & objections. You must respond to their objections because that is the key to
     successful communications. You just don't know which of 24 pages of responses that you'll need. There's approximately 150 objections that
     are most often heard.

hen to SELL.  12 Yellow pages contain the traditional selling language phrases. Short & brief statements about the reasons and benefits 
     to buy your products & services.
 You will have the reasons the choose you & your company written down in advance.  

The lead-off & sales-opener scripts are used for the initial 30 to 60 seconds of a prospecting call. The opening script identifies you and your company and gives the prospect a brief selling statement. The propect will set the tone of the call. Then you must determine which of the three things that are going to happen next. In that brief moment you must decide whether to:  Talk, usually to ask questions. Stop Talking and respond to an objection. Go into the Selling mode.

Each page has 5 or 6 different approaches to handling an objection. Our experience tells us that a total of sixty pages is just about perfect for prospecting purposes. Any more is counter productive. Any less leaves out important  information. We don't want to change what you are saying to a prospect, we just want to add dialogue and capabilities to your message. The sales script is a usable tool that you can have ready at your fingertips.

The objections that are most often heard. Even though we have thousands of 1-liners in our files that we could pick from, if we were to write all of them, we would be writing a huge book about  scripts for sales. The original problem was that most scripts contain too much dialogue for the salesperson to use effectively. The dialogue is more like key sound-bites then long rambling sentences.      

Smooth-talker sales scripts comes in a high quality leatherette 3-ring binder. A beautiful custom 3-ring binder to hold the scripts is standard. It is strudy enough to stand up to daily use. Because the pages are "stagger-cut" you can view 12 pages at a time. The "plastic section flippers" are labeled in Green, Red, Yellow to easily spot the section you need. 

Every script package includes a 24 page Instruction Manual booklet. It tells you how to use your new sales script and it has instructions for personalizing the dialogue to suit your business. The Instruction Manual shows you how to write a 1-liner and then attach it to the script. When you learn how to write a prospecting & sales script, the dialogue will be your own style and will reflect your personality. As an added benefit, when you write a sales script, you’ll be able to remember the words more easily because you chose them in the first place. 

Script Instruction Manual.

Smooth-talker is affordable to everyone. 
Sales scripts are modestly priced at $97.00. You won't have to hire an expensive consultant even if you could find one. In most books about selling & prospecting, all the good 1-liners are buried somewhere in the book. You don't have the time to look up a line of dialogue. Scripts are only expensive if you get no return on them. 

We've lowered the price as much as we can. We've managed to reduce our prices of our sales scripts from around $300.00 to $97.00. The lower price is a result of un-bundling the quick referance guide (cheat-sheet) to save you money. Some of our customers told us that they don't need the expensive extras because they feel that the scripts are incredibly useful just as they are written. There is a lot of hand labor in cutting the pages down into a stagger-cut fashion so you can view 12 pages at a glance. 

There are no other sales scripts that are on the market like them. See for yourself by searching the internet. The dialogue comprises about 15% of a prospecting call, the other 85% is what Smooth-talker has written down & ready to quickly refer to.


24 pages total printed on Green card-stock for when you are doing the talking & conversing. 

             Lead-off scripts are often called sales openers. The lead-off script consist of the initial 30-60 seconds of dialogue.
             They briefly introduces you, your product and service and gives the prospect a brief selling message.

             Sales script for prospecting.

             First call plus variations.                                                   Follow-up call & variations.  
             First call with a reasons & benefits.                                  Call to present your product or service.
             Follow-up call to previous contact.                                   Gatekeeper and Call screener.
             Renew interest of "old" prospect.                                     Call after a mailing.         
             Calling early, before hours.                                              Calling late or after business hours.

            Does the prospect need or want my product & service.    Ask for an appointment to discuss the money issues.                
            Time frame they intend to buy your product.                     Qualify the prospect & gauge potential for doing business.         
            Get an agreement to do business with you.                 
     Get a commitment that they intend to buy your services.
            Best time for an appoinment.                                      
  Have they made a decision yet.                                       
            Close for an appointmet or close for the sale.                   Take the next step of the selling process.
               Please note: Lead-off scripts, called sales openers, are not the primary focus of Smooth-talker Sales and Prospecting Scripts. 
              There are scripts that sales professionals already use but do not have the extended scripts that Smooth-talker has.


       RED   24 pages. Stop talking and listen to the prospect. Printed on red card-stock.
 The prospect has objections that must be responded to or 
                 questions that must be answered.
  Each of the 24 pages has up to 6 lines of powerful dialogue regarding issues & concerns of a prospect.

                 Through trial and error, we have determined that salespeople have difficulty using more then 24 pages of objection responses.  

                 Prospecting script for sales.
                  Objections & Questions that are heard most often in prospecting.

                  Sidestep.                               It's usually best to sidestep an objection rather then handle it head on.
                  Neutralizer.                           Takes the sting out of a thorny objection. Avoids controversy. 
                  Explanation.                          You may explain the objection in the terms that a prospect will understand.
                  Aggreement / excuse.           Blames others and makes your competition look bad.
                  Mind-changers.                     Seeks to change the prospects mind through reasoning and facts.
                  Partial answer.                      Uses the words: "In other words" and restates the objection in your own words.
                  Getting them on your side.    Keeps the conversation positive.

                  Brush-off & Rejection                                              Send me the information.
                  I'm not interested.                                                   Tell me over the phone. 
                  I don't want whatever you're selling.                       Drop-off information and I'll look at it.
                  I don't need any help.                                             You're asking a lot of questions.
                  I don't know if I want your product or service.         Why do you keep calling me? 
                  Why do you want to know so much?                      I don't want to talk about it.
                 Will you cut your prices?                                          Will you cut your commission & fees?
                 How much are your prices?                                     Will you negotiate your commissions & fees?
                 Will you negotiate your prices?                                If you'll negotiate your commissions, I'll talk to you.
                 Others have reduced their prices.                            If you're so good then get me my price.
                 If you'll cut your prices .. I'll talk to you.                    I don't want to lose money. 

             No time to see you.                                                   I want to wait.   
             The time is not right to buy.                                      Not now.  
             I don't have the time.                                                Maybe in the future.
             I'm too busy!                                                             Wait until the economy gets  better.
             I don't have the time to talk to you.                           We'll Wait and see.
             Now is not a good time to talk.                                  I have plenty of Time.
             Decisions.                                                                 Deflect, Defer, Detour type of objections.  
             I haven't made decision.                                           Non-commital.
             I want to think about it.                                              I can't decide.
             Call me some other time.
                                          I'll decide at a future date.
             Make changes.                                                         Friend & Neighbor supplier.  
             Why should I choose you.                                        I have a friend in the business.
             Why should I change suppliers.                               I do business with someone who sells similar products.
             Change real estate agents, sales professionals.     We already have a supplier.                                     
             Real estate objections.                                             Financial Services & Financial Planner objections.
             I'll list with a neighbor.                                              I'll use a "low-commission" financial advisor.
             Will you negotiate your fees & commissions?          I don't want whatever your selling.
             Sell it myself & save the commission.                      Don't trust financial advisors
             I have a friend / neighbor in real estate.                   I can get "free" brokerage fees.                                    
             I had a bad experience with real estate agents.       I'm mad at the financial services industry.    
            There is a long list of objections we could use, but we chose to limit them to 24 pages of the objections most often heard. 

       YELLOW   12 pages containing the traditional selling language & the reasons to do business with you.              
          Printed on Yellow card-stock. The sales scripts gives information about your product or service.

             There are many places to fill-in-the-blanks for personalizing the scripts with product information & facts about you. 
             The goal is to briefly tell the prospect about you, your product and reasons to do business with you.  

          Sales script for prospecting.      
          Use your creativity to write the reasons & benefits to do business with you.
The dialogue we've written is general in nature & will
        get you by, but you should 
add the information that is pertinent to the sale of your products & services.  

A "30-Second commercial" (also known as an elevator pitch) written down and ready to say.
             You should have at least 3 reasons to choose you as their sales representative.
             The salesperson's experience profile & resources for getting the job done.
             Reasons & benefits to choose your company.
            References the prospect can call.        
             Guarantee policy of the company.
             Reasons & benefits of choosing your products & services. 
            A meeting outline for what will be discussed at the appointment.                  

I am the author & publisher of the book: "Smooth-taker, How To Write Your Own Prospecting Script." 
I wrote a book as a result of 38 years of experience in prospecting business development. It's a book that has seldom been written before because the people who write most books have never really been on the front lines of prospecting for new business. It's written for easy reading with the words that salespeople understand. I have made over 80,000 calls to prospects during my 38 year career.

                     Book: "How To Write A Sales & Prospecting Script" 
                 Richard Bliznik, author of the book:  -  "How To Write Your Own Prospecting Script"

Note; I wrote every single word of the sales scripts that I publish. I didn't use (steal) any other people's version of the words and dialogue. The scripts were written from making tens of thousands of calls.  After 20 years of being a real estate broker and trainer for a 60 agent office, I realized that salespeople resisted make prospecting calls. The next eighteen years was spent in the front lines of real estate, mortgage, financial services, prospecting where I developed Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting Scripts. 

The sales scripts are available in two versions: One for the person making the calls for themselves and the other is for sales-assistants & telemarketers who work for them. 

       Written in the 1st. person. Designed for the person who is prospecting for their own potential clients.  

      Written in the 3rd. person. Telemarketers and sales-assistants must mention who they work for by mentioning them by name.
                    For example: Mr./Mrs. ________ (name of agent) would like to share some ideas on how you could get more money from the sale of your property. 

The selling scripts are designed for the rigors of making 40, 50 or even 100's of calls a day. That could amount to thousands of prospecting calls a year. When you are constantly flipping the pages the sales script, they take a lot of abuse. Paper scripts wouldn't last more then a week before they would be in shreds.   

Smooth-talker selling scripts are for residential real estate agents, financial services, commercial real estate agents, insurance agents, mortage lenders & loan brokers, sales of products & services and referral scripts.

Scripts for selling are a lot of bang for the buck. 
If a selling script turns out to be your best moneymaker, it's worth thousands of times its cost. Selling scripts are a real bargain. We've managed to make our sales scripts affordable to all. A prospect will do business with the person that they perceive as trustworthy based on their ability to communicate. The author has been prospecting for a living since 1970. It took a lifetime career of prospecting to assemble over 6,000 words that go into a Smooth-talker sales script.