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Real estate Expired Listings

                 Expired listings scripts
cover all of the things that you can be expected to talk about when prospecting.       

Expired listings scripts are designed for calling on prospects whose listing has expired and are likely to choose another agent to re-list their home. Smooth-talker scripts for expired listings are a communications tool for real estate agents.  

                          "You won't believe how easy prospecting becomes when you use a Smooth-talker!"     
             Expired Listing prospecting script.  Expired Listings prospecting script.

               Expired Listing script with instruction manual.
                               Pictured is an Expired Listing script with an Instruction Manual & Tips for calling.
      ◊ Headings & Topics Of The Scripts For a complete list of page headings for Real Estate Expired Listings, go to the bottem of this webpage. 

  Details of the scripts.                        
Each of the 60 pages of the real estate expired listing scripts has a heading at the top of the page which describes the 5 or 6 lines of dialogue
 that directly corresponds to the nature of the questions and & objections. It's the dialogue you will come accross in a typical call to an expired listing prospect. 

The dialogue is referred to as "1-liners."  
The dialogue of a script for expired listings is referred to as "one-liners." It can simply be read out loud to the prospect. Just determine when "talking & conversing" is appropriate and when to "stop talking & listen" because the prospect and an objection or question that must be responded to.

 They contain 300 of the best "1-liners."                          
Prosecting scripts for expired listing contains approximately 300 lines of powerful dialogue. Proven "1-liners" were chosen for publication because they work!  Every line of our prospecting scripts for expired listings was narrowed down from a selection of over 4,000 1-liners that we have in our files. A total of 60 pages includes 300+ lines of dialogue. The real estate expired listing scripts come in a leatherette 3-ring binder, a 20 page instruction manual, and extra pages & pieces of card-stock for you to write and customize your own scripts.

       "The dialogue of the prospecting scripts are more like key sound-bites then traditional long wordy sentences."

What makes the sales scripts different?                        
We provide you with a tangible product that you can use immediately. It's not something you must assemble or make yourself. It's ready to use right out of the box. Just stand the prospecting script up in front of you and dial the phone. You can be ready with the right words that will get you appointments and get you more sales. 

    Details of the "Color-code"                                                                                                           

  GREEN pages ... 12 pages of  things you should ask a prospect.                                                               
There are 12 pages printed on green cardstock with questions that are traditionally asked of a prospect. Things that you should get an answer to. The sales scripts for expired listings contain the basic elements of a prospecting call. Green pages means that you are doing the talking. 

  RED pages ... 24 pages of responses to objections & questions and answers to issues and concerns.      
Printed on red card-stock, a script for expired listings is thought out in advance. Through trial and error, we have determined that salespeople have difficulty using anything more 24 pages of objection responses. Each page has up to 6 lines of powerful dialogue .. approximately 300 in all. Each objection response has 6 approachs & angles.
              •    Sidestep.        It might be best to sidestep an objection rather then handle it head on.
              •    Neutralizer.     Takes the sting out of a thorny objection. Avoids controversy. 
              •    Explanation.   You may explain the objection in the terms that a prospect will understand.
              •    Aggreement and excuse. Blames others and makes your competition look bad.
              •    Mind-changers. Seeks to change the prospects mind through reasoning and facts.
              •    Partial answer.  Uses the words: "In other words" and restates the objection in your own words.
              •    Getting them on your side.  Keeps the conversation positive.  

  YELLOW pages .. 12 pages of the traditional "language of selling."                          
Printed on yellow card-stock, the 12 pages of the script for expired listings gives information about your product or service. The goal is to briefly tell the prospect about you, your company, your product & reasons to do business with you. There is dialogue that is general in nature that will get you by, and there is also "fill-in-the-blanks" for you to personalize the scripts.

 BLUE pages ...  12 pages of "Lead-off" and sales-openers scripts                                   
There are 12 pages of Lead-off & sales-openers scripts that are sometimes called "sales-openers." 
Printed on blue card-stock, the objective is to identify yourself & your company and give a brief selling message. When the prospect responds, it is only a matter of flipping to a heading & reading aloud one of the 1-liners of dialogue.

 The script has 60 pages in total.                                                                                                   
There are a total of 60 pages of expired listing sales scripts. That's a lot of scripts for your money. Our experience tells us that the a sixty page script is just about perfect for prospecting purposes. Any more is counter productive. Any less leaves out important categories of information. We don't want to change what you are saying to a prospect ... we want to add dialogue, ideas, and capabilities to your message.

                           "There are no other prospecting scripts that are on the market like them!"    

 Why not include all of the  4000 "1-liners."  
Even though  we have over 4,000 1-liners in our files that we could pick from, if we were to write all of them, we would be writing a huge book about prospecting scripts for expired listings. The original problem was that is too much for the salesperson to use effectively. In most books about selling, all the good "1-liners" are buried somewhere in the book. You must use your judgement when you determine when to talk and when to listen and when to sell. 

  Printed on colored card-stock.  
The expired listing scripts are designed for the rigors of making 40, 50 or even a 100 of calls a day. That could amount to thousands of prospecting calls a year. When you are constantly flipping the pages the expired listing scipts, they take a lot of abuse. Paper scripts wouldn't last more then a week or two before they would be in shreds. 

  Affordable to everyone.  
Smooth-talker is an affordable tool for real estate sales trainers and real estate sales managers and it's only expensive if you get no return on it. You won't have to hire an expensive consultant .. even if you could find one.
   •  You should know exactly what you're going to say at every step of the prospecting process. 
      It enables
  a salesperson to call and prospect an expired listing without having any anxiety.

   •  Even though there is no such thing as a perfect sales script and prospecting script, a well thought
      out realtors expired listing script is good enough to get the job done. 

   •  With real estate expired listing there is less training expense. If you think real estate training   
      courses are expensive, try ignorance! 

   A tremendous the source of listings.     
Scripts for expired listing are an obvious source of listings. Expired listings have increased dramatically since the recession began. Agents are telling us that it's a the toughest market in five decades. You must get four or more listings to have one sell. You must call on real estate expired listings because they are a tremendous source of business. 

  Lots of bang for the buck ... a real bargain!     
If a sales script for expired listing turns out to be the best moneymaker, it is worth thousands of times its cost. They only cost $97.00 .. the scripts are a real bargain.  We've managed to make scripting affordable. It is designed to provide real estate  brokers and real  agents the same professional help as the big companies.

              Smooth-talker sales & prospecting scripts is the only supplier of
                 professionally written real estate expired listing scripts.      

  A rehearsed event .. no thinking required.  
When using a real estate expired listings script ... there's no real thinking involved. Everything becomes a “rehearsed event.” You won't have to talk off the top your head. Expired listings scripts give you the right words to use. Having a real estate expired listing script would be like having a magic “teleprompter” appear every time you have something to say.

  A perfect communications tool.  
What you say and how you say it matters when you call an expired listing ... all you've got to do is find the right heading & read the dialogue .... it's designed to be uncomplicated. Expired listing prospecting scripts help you remember what to say to a homeowner whos listing has expired.

  The power of words. 
Scripts for expired listings
give you leverage and power. The right words used in the real estate expired listing scripts will make you feel good about your business, your product, and your service. A real estate Expired listing script "will put words in your mouth." Choosing one of many good things to say is better then searching your memory for the right words. 
                       The value of expired listing prospecting scripts is that they work!
  A good relationship must be established.  
Getting a expired listings mandates that a business relationship must be established in order to get into any meaningful dialogue but it just won’t happen in the first minute. Professional selling doesn't happen in the first few minutes.

  The eternal question, are you revenue or expense?   
 Real estate sales managers are constantly asking if you are revenue or expense? Whose job is more important when they ask; "do you generate revenue" or "are you an expense." When it comes right down to it, there are precious few jobs in an organization that directly influence revenues.

       •    If you can generate revenue, (lots of it) .. you’re the last person they want to eliminate!
       •    A real estate training program like Smooth-talker comes along that enables them to do it right.
       •    Once you've had a professional prospecting script, it's difficult to imagine a sales career without it.

  The "shelf-life" of a prospect 
Sales scripting for expired listing focuses on the “Time” element. The time you have to call on the prospect varies with the type of sales script lead generation and business application you seek to get business from. It is referred to as the "shelf-life" of a prospect.

For instance, sales scripting for expired listings in real estate, the “shelf life” of a prospect for Expired listings are relatively short because a prospect will usually list their home with the same agent or with a new agent and company. Sales script for expired listings seeks to make the prospecting call immediately because the prospect usually wants to keep the home on the market and chooses a new realtor as soon as the listing expires.

      ◊ HEADING & TOPICS of the page headings for expired listing sales script headings are listed below ...

           BLUE   pages are the Lead-off scripts & Sales-openers. They are single purpose, stand-alone scripts.   
                    The dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call, and states a brief selling message.
         Expired listings -  first call                                         Calling after business hours
         Previously contacted                                                  Call to renew interest.
         Old  Expired listing  -  renew interest.                     Calling before or after business hours
         Will they sign a"one party" showing / listing          Not listed - but it's still for sale
         Follow-up call previous contact, stay in touch      Reasons to keep it on the market  
         Follow-up call after  after a mailing
                 Sales and prospecting lead-off & sales openers.
     After you use one of the Lead-off & sales-opener scripts ... then all prospecting calls go in any of 3 directions!      
           1. You are talking & asking questions. 
           2. Stop talking & listen to the prospects objections.  
           3. You are going into the "Selling & telling" mode.

      GREEN  script pages are designed to assist you when you are Talking & Conversing.
         Time  - Will Prospect keep it listed?                 Closes  - Ask for the order                
         Best Time To Meet                                         Overcome Reluctance                       
         Get More Money For Selling                            Get An Agreement To List With Me    
         Talk About Money                                          Take the next step                            
        Expired Listing prospecting script.   Expired Listing prospecting script.

         RED pages contain Questions that must be answered & Objections that must be responded to. 

         Send Me Information - Tell me by phone          Sell It Myself, Save The Commission    
         I’ll Think about It  -  Stalling                             If you’re so good then get me my price.
         I Am Too Busy  -  No Time to see you             Others charge less commission            
         Why are you calling?                                     Will You Negotiate Your Commission? 
         I Don’t Want Whatever You’re Selling              Will You Cut Your Commission?           
         I’m Not Interested                                           How Much Is Your Commission?         
         Why Should I Choose You?                           Bad Experience, I’m Mad At You Agents 
         I Can’t Decide  -  Non-Committal                    You’re Asking A Lot Of Questions                          
         Not Now   -  Maybe in the Future                    Do You Have a Buyer?                            
         Wait until the Economy Gets Better               Why Should I Change Agents                  
         I Want to Wait - Now Is Not a Good Time                   I'll List with a neighbor                             
         Call Me Some Other Time                              I Have A Friend in the Business               

     Expired Listing sales script objection responses.  Expired Listing sales scripts objections.

         YELLOW  pages are the traditional Selling Language                                                               

       Benefits of Company & Agent Services            Listing presentation (phone version)
       Why Meet With Me? Things to discuss           The Marketing Plan I Intend to Use  
       Affiliations  - Guarantees - References             What a Broker and Agent Can Do    
       Agent Services -  What I Can Do                     Resources, Internet, Size, History   
       Agent Profile   -  Agent Services                      Reasons to Choose My Company  
       My "30-Second Commercial"                          Reasons to Choose Me                   
 Expired Listing sales scripts selling pages.  Expired listing prospecting scripts sales pages.

    Tips for prospecting Expired listings ... 

  Using The Multi-list To Get The Expired Listings.
It is best to call the expired listings on the first day that the listing expires .. the earlier the better. Allow an appropriate amount of time to call the multi-list computer, and pull off those listings that expire at midnight on the day they expire. You may have to get up early in the morning to compete with the di-hard agents. I can’t tell you the number of listings that you can effectively prospect, but a good estimate would be 10 to 30 every day.

   Getting Phone Numbers.  
There are many tricks to getting the phone numbers: Your multi-list may not publish them. 
    •   The tax rolls often give the owner’s phone number. (it’s best to pull the Tax information along with the listing)
   •   Public phone book white pages and any directory you can get your hands on.
 •   The Web & Internet directories.  Google, 411 locate, etc. Search the internet for reliable sources
 •   Directories such as subdivision organizations, track indexes and homeowner groups etc.

   When You Can't Get The Phone Number ...   
The Expired Listings that you can’t get a phone number … obviously, you must go to the door. You tend to remember the script dialogue in a face-to-face conversation. At first you will be a bit rusty but in time you will learn the “1-liners” through the repletion of calling and soon you will commit them to memory. Smooth-talker Sales Scripts become a training & teaching tool.

   The Listings Just Keep Piling Up! 
Don’t forget that there will be 10 or 20  more listings to prospect tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, ad infinitum. By the end of one week, you will probably have a large number of homes that you did not or could not contact. That is …. prospect.

  Choosing A Filing System.         
Soon, you’ll have to choose a file system to keep track of the ones that:
    You called and found out they have relisted with another agent. 
    You called and had a good rapport, but they are thinking about it. (Good prospects).
 You tried to call them, but there was no answer. Keep trying ...
You tried to call them, and there was an answering machine.
 A. you did not leave a message for them to call you. You must try until you reach them.
   B. you left a message for them to call.
 You had a good conversation but they definitely want you to call at a future date.

   Call The Properties Most Likely To List First ... Prioritize!  Prioritize!   
Call the properties that you think will list that day. Called the "lay-down listing."  Every multi-list has a system whereby the homes address’s that are listed are divided by area, city, and price range etc. It is your choice of which category of listings to prospect on a daily basis. You may choose to only call on mid and high price ranges of single-family homes or you may specialize in condo and town homes. The choice is obvious. Single family first and then Condos.

   A Strategy & Tactics Plan For Expired Listings. 
It is best to prospect all types of property within a short distance of your office. A short distance, in most suburban markets would be a 1 to 5 mile radius. (note that a 5 mile radius amounts to nearly a 60 square mile territory)  In a rural markets it may be measured in miles or in counties. If you’re a market area that has a large number of listings that are non-published and cannot be obtained through the usual sources, it stands to reason that you must work harder to maintain the number of listings that will result in having a phone number.