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Lead-off scripts.


                                                      Lead off scripts are the first thing you say to a prospect.   

Lead off scripts are the first 30 to 60 seconds of a prospecting call. Lead-off scripts are only the beginning of the sales process. The Lead off script is the introduction of you & your product followed by a brief selling message. It is the traditional prospecting script dialogue that we include in all Smooth-talker scripts. Lead off scripts are printed on Green hard-stock paper. There are 12 pages designed for the opening lines of a prospecting call. They last for 60 to 90 seconds of time.

The difference between a “Lead-off” script and the main Smooth-talker script, is that you use a Lead-off script on every call you make. Once it is said, you immediately go to the main script for any one of 300 things that you might have say to a prospect. 

Lead off scripts, for example, to get referral business you need to establish a relationship with other professionals in your area and simply ask them to think of you when they come across a person who is an ideal candidate to buy your product or service. A leadoff script gives you 60 to 90 seconds to identify your self and give the prospect a brief selling message.
Salespeople think the “pitch script” is the most important part of the prospecting call. We think that it is only a fraction of the process because there is much more that can take place.  
                              It is only the "opening act" of a performance that can go in many directions.

  Smooth-talker sales scripts are written
to cover everything after the initial pitch. 
                              Lead-off scripts are designed for the initial call to talk to a new prospect for the purpose of doing business with them.

Only 10% is the lead-off dialogue and 90% is the rest of the conversation. Once it is spoken, you immediately go to the main Smooth-talker prospecting script. Sales managers universally agree that salespeople get stumped at the simplist objection in the heat of the telephone prospecting call. What comes next is the scary part!  It is impossible to predict what will happen next, but either you will either.

                             Get the opportunity to Talk & converse, ie: Go for an appointment, inquire if they need & want your services etc.  

                             You get an Objection that must be responded to or a Question that must be answered.

                             You go into a Selling mode by giving the prospect reasons to do business with you.

Why it's important to get to the point as quickly as possible.
In a confident voice inflection, introduce yourself, your company, and what the product will do for the prospect. Do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example; “I'm a real estate agent and I'm responsible for contacting people who we might have an interest in selling their home.” Then ask the prospect if they feel there is a need for your products and services. 

After the lead-off script, the prospect can go in many directions after the initial call. A Lead off prospecting script is a single purpose script. After the Lead-off script has been used, Smooth-talker scripts continue with the other components of the prospecting call.  A Lead-off script can be written for a variety of purposes but they are usually about selling your product or service.

                                  Lead-off scripts are a one-way conversation & last only 30-60 seconds. They are short and sweet. 

                                 They state the purpose of the call and are usually topical in nature and
usually end with a question that the prospect must answer.

                                  The answer can take you in many different directions. Smooth-talker has prepared you for the next 5-15 minutes of a prospecting call 

Why use a sales opener? Sales openers scripts dialogue is unique for every type of call. It is not the primary purpose of this web site page to go in-depth into writing the Lead-off scripts and sales openers scripts. The scope of the topic is too broad to cover. Lead-off scripts differ widely and cannot hope to address every type of business and profession.   

After a Lead-off script is delivered, anything can happen.
 Smooth-talker prospecting scripts are designed and written in preparation for almost anything the prospect is capable of saying. It's impossible to predict how the prospect is going to respond. This is where “Smooth talker” comes in. The dialogue is written to "demand" an answer of some sort. 

The length of time of a Lead-off script is used is approximately less than 60 seconds.
The length of time of a Lead-off prospecting script is usually less than one minute although can be any reasonable length of time. Generally speaking they will consume approximately 30 seconds to one minute. In rare instances will go over one minute. 

Once you have that answer, you'll know which direction to go based upon how the prospect reacts. The most important thing in writing a prospecting script is to have a reason to call. It's usually about saving time and money or getting a better product.

Most prospecting scripts try to sell too soon. Most sales scripts try to sell the prospect without bothering to ask the question whether they want or need the product. Lead-off scripts are discussed lightly and are not the primary focus of this book but we will devote sufficient text to it. It will be enough for you to appreciate this type of basic script. The prospect will want to know if the product meets their needs but in a prospecting call, they don't want to listen to a long winded pitch. 

Most sales managers think the pitch script and the sales pitch is the only neccessary part of sales prospecting call. It is only a part of the words used in a prospecting call because there is more dialogue that usually takes place. 

Responses are unpredictable. It's impossible to predict how the prospect is going to respond. Smooth-talker prospecting scripts are written to cover everything “after" the pitch script. Smooth-talker prospecting scripts are written for the preparation for almost anything the prospect is capable of saying.

Most of the dialogue of a prospecting script is usually about saving time and money or getting a better product. The difference between a lead off script and the "main" prospecting script in that you use the Lead-off script on every call.

Lead-off sales scripts are the subject of many books and articles on selling. Notice I said “selling" and not “prospecting." Sales managers agree that most scripts try to sell the prospect without bothering to ask the question whether they want or need the product.

Lead-off scripts are discussed lightly and are not the primary focus of Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting Scripts. Making the prospecting call is the first step, sell when you see the prospect face-to-face.