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Mortgage lenders & Loan broker Telemarketing

                                   Telemarketing mortgage sales scripts. 
and   Loan brokers telemarketing scripts.    

Mortgage telemarketers scripts will help you get more leads. 
Mortgage brokers telemarketers can produce a large number of leads if they are prepared with a telemarketing script for loan brokers. Mortgage lenders telemarketers will lead to increased revenues due to the fact that they generate new business leads. 

   Notice of Default telemarketing script.      Sales assistants expired listing scripts.  
       60 page scripts come in a high-quality                       The scripts are all cut-down & ready to                      You can up-grade to a multi-ring binder and
       3-ring binder with four section flippers.                       use right out of the box!                                              a genuine leather portfolio. 

       The script also comes with a 24 page Instruction Manual, and extra pages so you can write your own additional scripts.  Priced at $97.00

                The Mortgage brokers telemarketing scripts & the Loan brokers telemarketing scripts are listed at the bottem of this webpage.

Hire a sales-assistant or telemarketer to make prospecting calls.
Mortgage lenders & loan brokers have limited time for prospecting for new business and have found it lucrative to hire a telemarketer & sales-assistant to make to make more prospecting calls.
 Mortgage brokers telemarketing scripts are produced for the purpose of having your Sales-assistant or Telemarketer call on additional potential customers for new mortgage loans or for refinancing their home.      


The value of a telemarketer and sales-assistance script. A Mortgage brokers sales-assistants depends on scripts for their skills to make prospecting calls to a wide range of people with disposable income. Loan brokers depend on revenue generated from calling prospects to get mortgages. The value of a mortgage brokers sales-assistants scripts cannot be overstated. They need a mortgage lenders script to know what to say to a prospect and how to respond to an objection.    

Prospecting is a skill that telemarketers and sales-assistants can acquire. Some mortgage lenders cannot master the skills required for a telephone prospecting forcing them to rely on other less effective methods of getting new business. Others spend enormous amounts of money on advertising, direct mail, and passive marketing methods in hopes of reaching the same person by making a prospecting for free. If you had a product that you could call a monopoly you would only need to fill out order forms & count your money. In a business world without competition that steady flow of customers would always be there. Maybe it's time to purchase a sales-assistants cold-calling script.

Cold-calling is the tried and true methods for getting mortgage loans. Mortgage brokers sales-assistants can use a cold call prospecting script to be more effective when making a prospecting call. It is a rejection-free method for building a lasting image. Cold-calling by loan brokers sales-assistants to build their business in a geographical area must establish an image of trust and ethical dealings. Scripts for a loan broker concentrate on building an image and a good relationship. There is very little that is more intimidating then making telephone cold-call when calling on potential customers that they don't know. 

          There is a difference between the scripts for the Mortgage lender and the Telemarketers & Sale-assistants scripts.             

          Scripts that are designed for the person who is prospecting for their own potential clients. 

          They are written in the "1st. person singuler."  

         Mortgage Telemarketers scripts are written for those who work for them. 

         Sales-assistants & Telemarketers must repeat who they are representing by mentioning them by name.
         For example: "Mr./Mrs. _________ (name of agent) could share some ideas on how you could get the best possible mortgage."

    *** Note:  regarding un-licensed sales assistants & telemarketers. 
                    The scripts take great care to assure that they
 only determine if there is an interest in the services of the mortgage employer and no specific information is discussed. 


       Heading & topics of scripts for the Mortgage telemarking scripts are as follows.
   GREEN Total of 24 pages. You are doing the talking, mainly asking questions.                          
         12 pages of Lead-off scripts. The dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call, and states a brief selling message.         
         Building our business.                                                Calling potential clients who are likely mortgage customers.
         Building my client base.                                             Calling clients who may need to re-finance their home.  
         Follow-up call.                                                            Previously applied for a mortgage. 
         Old prospect,  renew interest.                                    Call to present my mortgage, loan, and banking services.
         Referral from a person who knows you.                     Calling early or calling after business hours. 
         Call dodger  -  Secretary screens calls.                     Gatekeeper  - receptionist  - call screener. 
        12 pages of the traditional questions you should ask a prospect.  

        Need the services of a mortgage lender.                   Decision  - To apply for a mortgage.
        Do You Want The Services Of a loan broker.           Potential to do business  -  Motivation.  
        Best Time To Meet  For an  appointment.                 Overcome Reluctance Take the next step. 
        Time  - When Will Prospect apply for a loan.            Closes  - Ask for the order.
        Money  appointnent to talk about finances.               Get An Agreement To get a loan With Me.  
        How To Get Mortgage Money.                                  Build Relationships   -  Take the next step.

          Referral scripts green pages.

    RED  24 pages contain Questions that must be answered and Objections that must be responded to.     

       I’m Not Interested.                                                     Why are you calling?  
       I don’t have any plans to get a mortgage.                 Why Should I Choose You?    
       Too Busy  -  No Time to see you.                              Why Should I Change Lenders?     
       Non-Committal  -  I Can’t Decide.                              You’re Asking A Lot Of Questions.

       I’ll Think about It  -  Stalling.                                       Do You Have the best loans & mortgages?
       Send Information  - Tell me by phone.                       Bad Experience - I’m Mad At You Mortgage Lenders.
       I can get a mortgage loan for no closing costs.         I’ll do business with a neighbor
       If you’re so good then get me a loan.                        Friend in the Business.

       How Much Is Your Fees & Closing costs?                I'll get a mortgage through a Neighbor
       Others charge less closing costs.                             Wait until the Economy Gets Better 
       Will You Negotiate Your Interest Rates?                  Others will not charge an appraisel fee                    

       Referral script pages 24-36.

  YELLOW  12 pages are the traditional selling language and the reasons to do business with you.             

                   There are "fill-in-the-blanks" for you to put facts about you & your product or services. 

       30-Second Commercial .                                           Reasons to Choose Me.
       Lenders Profile - Mortgage Services.                        Reasons to Choose My Company.
       My Services - What I Can Do.                                   Resources, Internet, Research, Size, History.
       Affiliations  - Guarantees - References.                    What a Mortgage Broker Can Do.
       Benefits of Company.                                                Mortgage Plan I Intend to Use.      
       Why Meet With Me? Things to discuss.                    Mortgage & loan sales presentation. (phone version)

Referral prospecting scripts.

Telemarketing scripts for mortgage lenders are designed to develop a high relationship with low-pressure. Telemarketing scripts for mortgage lenders seeks to make cold-call prospecting easy because the prospect usually wants to put the home on the market and choose a realtor as soon as possible. Sales scripting for cold-calling focuses on the “service” element. The fact is that they don't have scripts for lenders telemarketing to use to answer questions and objections that prospecting requires. Mortgage training courses and sales training courses teaches us that handling rejection instead of avoiding it is the key to success. 

It's almost impossible to find good sales and prospecting scripts. Scripts for sales-assistants, appointment setters, and telemarketers don't exist. Smooth-talker is reponding to your request for much-needed sales & prospecting scripts and for mortgage telemarketing. They sometime refer to them as mortgage appointment setters sales scripts.