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Real estate scripts.

Sales & prospecting scripts are for Real estate agents, Insurance agents, Financial advisors, Commercial real estate agents, and Mortgage lenders
prospecting to get new business.
Commercial real estate leasing scripts for prospecting and getting new business.
Telemarketing scripts for the lease of commercial real estate and lease scripts for sales assistants.
Scripts for getting listings for Commercial / Investment real estate.
Commercial real estate Telemarketing listing scripts and Sales assistants listing scripts.
Cold call scripts for Real estate agents and a cold calling script for farming and prospecting.
Real estate telemarking scripts for cold calling and a sales assistants script for making a cold call.
Expired listings scripts are for real estate agents prospecting.
Real estate Expired Listings Telemarketing scripts and Sales-assistants scripts.
For Sale By Owner scripts are for real estate agents who are calling homeowners who are trying to sell without an agent.
For Sale By Owner Telemarketing scripts and FSBO sales assistants scripts.
Notice of Default scripts for real estate agents and foreclosure prospecting scripts.
Telemarketing Notice of Default scripts for sales assistants scripting.
New Real Estate agents scripts.