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Real estate scripts for New Agents

                                                                   New real estate agents scripts.

We have written and produced scripts for new real estate agents. The scripts contain the dialogue for general prospecting including Cold calling, Expired listings, and For Sale By Owner.  Newly liciensed real estate agents a now have a proven script for making prospecting calls. They need to have the right tools to be successful. 

                                                      An efficient sales script.      
                             Commercial real estate sales assistants script.                                Commercial real estate Leasing telemarketers scripts.
                             Includes a high quality "Leatherette" 3-ring                            Includes a 24 page Instruction Booklet about how to use the scripts 
                             binder plus 4 plastic section flippers.                                      and a Script writing kit to write your own additional prospecting scripts.

Written to cover the basics of prospecting by telephone. Agents that are new to real estate industry prefer a prospecting script with the most often heard responses to objections all in one 60 page script. Prospecting scripts for new real estate agents have the timeless dialogue to use when making a call. New real estate agents scripts prepares them to make calls to build their business from scratch. 

Smooth-talker sales & prospecting scripts are just what you need. 
These scripts for new agents are just the answer to the training problems that exist because the sales person can't possibly remember all of the objections that a prospect might have. Scripts for new real estate agents contain the over 300 lines of dialogue  they'll need to say to get  a prospect to give them an appointment.

Scripts for new real estate agents are hard to find. Smooth-talker's new agents prospecting scripts have never been produced before. It is a new approach to sales prospecting. 
When starting a new career in real estate, a great tool like Smooth-talker Sales and Prospecting scripts is a wise investment and is invaluable.          

New real estate agents face many costs when they enter the business. New real estate agents are concerned about the skyrocketing costs of all forms of training & education. Due to cost considerations they might have to make a sober choice between purchasing a prospecting script or a 3 day training course. The acid test of determining whether to spend your money on a prospecting script or a training seminar. Which one will make you money faster? How much business is derived from calling is the question.

Competing with experienced realtors?  A great equalizer is needed. Like the old saying "If everybody is somebody, then nobody is anybody." The playing field was leveled when we developed Smooth-talker sales scripts for new licensed agent. Sales people must compete with experienced sales professionals, especially when they are newly licensed real estate agents.   

Should you spend the money? The answer is "if you want to be successful." The test of determining whether to spend your money sales tools versus indirect advertising, is to analyze the results to see what method is worth spending money on. Passive methods includes mail, television, radio, newspaper, print magazine advertising, internet which are very expensive. Whichever method that you can afford is the best is the best answer. But the direct call method is by far the best & most effective and cost efficient.

Smooth-talker sales & prospecting scripts are just what you need. These scripts for new agents are just the answer to the training problems that exist because the sales person can't possibly remember all of the objections that a prospect might have. Scripts for new real estate agents contain the over 300 lines of dialogue  they'll need to say to get  a prospect to give them an appointment

For a limited time, a special offer.  Priced at $97.00,           
Close-out on real estate scripts for new agentsThe scripts include two Levinger® multi-disc binding systems. A beautiful Black Leather Portfolio with the desirable multi-disc binding system. You get two multi-disc binding systems with one order. Quantities are limited to the inventory on hand. We have limited our supply of the Levinger® multi-disc binding systems and we must buy them at prices that ordinarily are much to expensive for new agents.


It's the best tool for making money you can get!  Evaluating a sales script for starting a new career in real estate means choosing the right selling tools. After spending and untold amount of money and time on training, some new agents will actually start to prospect by phone ... but it doesn't take long to realize that they can't remember all the dialogue they learn in training. Then the fear of not knowing what to say prevents them from calling on prospects, so thay just don't call anymore.


Our color-coded scripts makes it a no-brainer to find the dialogue. New agents can find the proper dialogue with the help of Smooth-talkers' color-coded organization and structure. They want to have traditional objection responses because they they don't have much time to generate commissions. They are new to real estate and the simple color-code make it easy to make prospecting calls.

                 Training scripts for real estate.   Training course for real estate.   Sales scripts for training real estate agents.   

Smooth-talker sales scripts can help new agents add professionalism to their prospecting. New real estate agents "don't know what what they don't know" 
New licensed real estate agents
 can't be expected to know what they want, because they don't know what is available.
They don't know what the benefits of a script are because they get so much poorly done sales dialogue that they prefer to reject them all. 

People who are selling advertising and marketing services would have you believe that the cold-call is dead and the new real estate agent who uses a script the is an endangered species. They have an agenda and it usually doesn't include any kind of direct marketing contact. Advertising agencies, print media people, mail houses, pubic relations people, and even web companies want your business development dollars. They have a vested interest in your business development and do not welcome any poachers.

Getting leads for the new real estate agents is very tough.  Quite possibly getting new business is a result of a combination of the above. Cutting down on a portion of the indirect marketing channels is probably the appropriate thing to do for getting new business. However, if a large portion of new business is the result of direct call contact, examining how you can improve the effectiveness of your sales staff’s calling effort would be in order.

The cost of making telephone prospecting calls vs. the cost of direct mail & passive advertising?
It's simple economics to add up the cost of each method. At the end of the month it's possible to track the number of appointments that turn into actual sales.  Advertising on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines is fleeting and has only a few days of shelf life at best. It's very difficult to make a cost justification for a particular advertising campaign because of the vagueness of the results. 


Sales managers and sales trainers have a great responsibility to the newly licensed salesperson. Most real estate sales managers don't have a clear idea of how valuable a new real estate agents script is. Sales managers try their best to teach their agents the real estate business.

Evaluating which prospecting tool will work the best. Evaluating a scripts for new real estate agents means choosing either some sort of training program or a sales prospecting script. It depends on who you talk to. People who are selling training services would have you believe that the cold call is dead and that the new real estate agents who uses the telephone is an endangered species. Designed for new real estate agents the scripts are sure to increase your business.