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Features of the sales scripts.

Features of Smooth-talker sales scripts.

The sales script is simply placed in front of you when you make a prospecting call or a sales call. We needed a fool-proof methed of viewing the sales scripts for selling. We insisted that such a device would have to be a no-brainer to use. We wanted something that you put it in front of you and it's ready to use. Most importantly is how quickly can you find the dialogue when you need it .             

                                                        Commercial real estate sales assistants script.    
                Scripts are all cut-down and ready to use right out of the                      Includes a high quality "Leatherette" 3-ring 
                box. 60 pages of dialogue that you can access at a glance.                  binder that built to last.

Anyone can afford a Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting script. I decided that I would make it my mission to bring the cost down of sales scripts to an affordable level. My goal was to make sure that every sales professional could afford a script for sales. I wanted to provide high quality prospecting scripts at reasonable prices that anyone could afford. The scripts start at only $97.00. 

Production of the sales scripts is very labor intensive. Lazer printing of heavy card-stock is a slow and tedious process. Cutting-down the pages and assembling the script book takes about 50 minutes to 1 hour in total. Added to that is the production of the Instruction booklet, the Script-writing kit, the extra pages etc. The shipping plus the office overhead must be accounted for.    

         All scripts for sales come in with a high-quality Leatherette three-ring binder. It is sturdy enough to stand up to daily use.
Also included are clear plastic section-flippers to find the right color-coded sections. Plastic section flippers and are labeled in
        Green, Red, and Yellow to easily find the section you need. They are the fastest way to spot the section that has the dialogue
         you want. Just flip to a section & choose 1-liner & read it to the prospect.

The pages are stagger-cut so you can view 12 pages at a time (6 pages on a side). It requires more time & effort to produce, 
        but it results in a usable script for sales. You can spot a heading instantly. Simply read as many 1-liners as it takes 
        to carry on a business conversation that communicates with the prospect.

       Includes a 24 page Instruction Manual.  
It has instructions for personalizing the dialogue to suit your business.
 shows you how to write a 1-liner & attach it to the script. When you learn how to write a script for sales, the dialogue will be your own style
     and will reflect your personality. Y
ou’ll be able to remember the words more easily because you chose them in the first place.    

        Script Instruction Manual.   

     Included is a  "Script-writing Kit."                                    
    The script-writing kit shows you in great detail how to customize your sales script. 
    You will be able to compose a 1-liner  that is brief yet gets your point across with diplomacy
    and hard-hitting words & phrases that communicate your message. 

    Includes a supply of extra pages plus 48 pieces of various size card-stock.                
    There are 10 extra pages printed with blank headings for writing your own sales script.           
    Included is a selection of various sized  pieces of colored card-stock for writing your
    own 1-liners. Simply glue it to the page that is the most appropriate of the prospecting scripts. 

      Script-writing Kit.

Free samples are available. We offer sales scripts to give you taste of what our scripts are all about. Sales scripts are available to entice salespeople from all types of business to use our prospecting scripts. E-mail us at: Tell us what kind of sales scripts you would like: real estate, financial services, insurance agents, mortgage & loan brokers, business products & services, and referrals & networking.

                                         ________________________    UPGRADES    _______________________

       Upgrade to a "Stand-up" easel binder. Priced at $18.00. Make life easy on yourself when you purchase a stand-up easel binder.
       It is easier to view the pages especially if you don't have anything to
 lean it against.                                            
        Stand-up Easel binder.                                                     

      Upgrade to multi-ring binder. A custom multi-ring binder system is available to ugrade for all scripts. Just add $50.00 to your order.
     The incredible amount of wear & tear of constantly flipping the pages of the script is eliminated. The pages
     are held securely in place with 11 unique rings
of the Levenger brand. See their website at & look for Circa products.

       Expired listing sales script multi-ring binder.                 Multi-ring sales script binder.  
       Multi-ring binders hold the pages securely.               11 rings are an improvement over the 3-ring binders.

      Multi-ring hole punch and assembly machine.              Multi-ring binder holes.
    A special machine is designed to punch the holes.            Unique "hole design" for easily adding pages to the binder.

     Upgrade to a genuine Leather Portfolio. Just add $100.00 to your order. From Levenger. See their web site at:  
     Genuine Leather Portfolios are absolutely beautiful and will last forever. Ultra high-quality made from the finest leather. 
     For use with the the multi-ring binders only. Specify Tan, Black, or Red.

         High quality sales scripts.  

     Extra pages.
Pack of 12 pages. In Green, Red, and Yellow heavy card-stock. 
     You'll need need them for writing your own additional prospecting scripts
     Please tell us if you have the 3-ring binder or the Multi-ring binder.

    Quick Reference Guide.  Also known as a Cheat-sheet  -  $10.00 
View all the headings of the script for sales at a glance with this stand-up quick 
    referance guide. It makes it easy to spot the heading you need. Designed to stand-up in front of you to see what is contained in the prospecting scripts. 
      Quick referance guide & cheat-sheet.  Quick referance guide and cheat-sheet.

     Special offer. For the New Real Estate Agent. Special price of only $97.00. Limited supplies. Includes two (2) multi-ring binder systems.
     Includes a beautiful leatherette binder for the main script and one for the Lead-off & sales openers. Has 60 pages.
Special sales script.  While supplies last.. Special offering

Extra-large print is easier to read. 
Smooth-talker scripts for sales are designed ergonomically to be at your fingertips. A script for prospecting is user-friendly if it can be read at a distance of approximately 24 inches and has large type size of 16-18 point font.  A salesperson has too many things to keep track of. There is just too much information to try to juggle while thinking of something to say.

Script consultants are nearly impossible to find. 
There are plenty of speakers, authors, and self proclaimed experts that will give you advice on what to say to a prospect except that a don't have anything written down, organized, and usable for the salesperson in the trenches. Even if you could find a sales script consultant to help, producing a prospecting script would require too much time and money.

    GREEN Printed on Green cardstock. 24 pages when you are doing the talking that were meant for salespeople to mainly ask questions, close for an appointment, talk about money, see if there is potential, ask for a decision, etc.

   Sales script page of asking question.

           12 pages of Lead-off scripts that dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call, and states a brief selling message. 
           First call plus variations.                                                   Follow-up call & variations.  
           First call with a reasons & benefits.                                  Call to present your product or service.     
           Follow-up call to previous contact.                                   Gatekeeper and Call screener.
           Renew interest of "old" prospect.                                     Call after a mailing.         
           Calling early, before hours.                                              Calling late or after business hours.

           12 pages of dialogue to ask questions, get an appointment, talk about money, see if there is potential, ask for a decision, close for an appointment, etc.
           You are asking the following questions.

           Discussing the prospects need for the product & service.  Asking the prospect if they want the product & service.
           Reqesting an appointment to talk about money.                 Finding out the time for buying the product & services.
           Determining the potential to do business.                           Asking the prospect if they have made a decision.
           Close for the sale and/or Close for an appointment.           Build a relationship and take the next step.      

     RED  24 pages printed on Red cardstock indicate to the salespeople to stop talking and let the prospect ask a question, state an objection, and voice their opinion. 

             Prospecting scripts red page objection responses.

            Stop Talking & Listen!  Then respond with the words that will answer an objection.
         The prospect has a Question that must be answered or an Objection that must be responded to.

           The prospect will try to deflect & defer your prosecting call with a real or imagined objections.

           Prospects try to prevent the call from going any farther once they find out that it's a sales call.

           The prospect says they're not interested.                          They tell you to send or e-mail them the information.
           They want to cut your prices, commissions, and fees.       Prospects claim that they have have a salesperson.
           They say they have a friend or neighbor.                           Often they want to wait until the economy gets better.

           Sidestep.            It might be best to sidestep an objection rather then handle it head on.
           Neutralizer.        Takes the sting out of a thorny objection. Avoids controversy. 
           Explanation.       You may explain the objection in the terms that a prospect will understand.

          Aggreement and excuses. Blames others and makes your competition look bad.
          Mind-changers.  Seeks to change the prospects mind through reasoning and facts.
          Partial answer.   Uses the words: "In other words" and restates the objection in your own words.
          Getting them on your side.  Keeps the conversation positive. 

 YELLOW represents the “selling process” whereby the salesperson is prepared with numerous phrases known as the “language of selling.” 
          It is the typical sales information and you should have at your fingertips. Selling statements with blank lines for personalizing and additions.

   Sales script selling dialogue.

        12 pages printed on Yellow cardstock. Selling dialogue.                
        You are using the traditional words that salespeople use to convince & pursuade a prospect.

        "30-Second commercial" also known as an elevator pitch, written down and ready to say.
        3 reasons to choose you as their representative.             The salesperson's credentials & experience profile.
        Resources for getting the job done.                                  References the prospect can call.
        Guarantee policy of the company.                                    Reasons to choose the company.    
        Benefits of the product and service.                                 A meeting outline.  What you'll talk about. 

Sales scripts are written the way people talk. A person can be brilliant and highly talented, but if they can’t express themselves they'll never reach their potential.  Planned is different than canned. Canned answers or preplanned answers are all the same. No matter what you call it, prepared dialogue is planning for a probable event.