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Increase sales using a script.

Scripts will increase sales 
when you use a sales script for prospecting. 

Smooth-talker sales script will increase sales by increasing appointments. Words are most important when making a prospecting call. Using a prospecting script to increase sales can make anyone seem charismatic and sound brilliant!  

No matter what you are selling, getting a prospect to talk to you is most productive thing you can do. Smooth-talker Sales scripts will increase sales by building your prospecting skills. 60 pages of dialogue that you can access at a glance.

                  _______________________   Scripts are cut-down and ready to use right out of the box.    _________________________

                                                                An efficient sales script.      
                                                                        Just stand the script up in front of you and dial the phone.

                             Commercial real estate sales assistants script.                                Commercial real estate Leasing telemarketers scripts.
                             Includes a high quality leatherette 3-ring                               Includes a 24 page Instruction Booklet about prospecting
                             binder plus 4 plastic section flippers.                                      and a script writing kit to write help you write own additional scripts.

The script book is simply placed in front of you when you make a prospecting call. We needed a fool-proof methed of viewing the scripts for increasing sales. We insisted that such a device would have to be a no-brainer to use. We wanted something that you put it in front of you and it's ready to use and importantly is how quickly can you find the dialogue when you need it.

Objections that can be anticipated so you can have a response prepared in advance. A great communicator with well written prospecting script to increase  sales, can say things that really make a difference with a few well chosen words. It's far better to have a few well thought out things to say, rather than to ramble on when making  a prospecting call


It's more than a numbers game. If you think that 2 or3 out of 100 calls produces an appointments is good, just think if you can get 6 or more appointments out 100 calls by increaing your sales with prospecting scripts. That means increasing sales by 100% and that's conservative.

Every word is critical. Scripts to increase sales for calling prospects are written for the benefit of the listener and it’s always “their choice” to accept or reject what they hear. Telephone sales scripts are like having a "tele-prompter" that pops up when you need to remember a valuable line of dialogue. Every line of dialogue in a sales script is like giving a one sentence speech. Sales scripts must have a purpose and it must seek a result; usually an appointment. The objective of a script to increase sales is to make them interesting and easily understood.

sales script to build sales forces you to think about what you're going to say. It would be a good idea to think about what you going to say ahead of time. Sales scripts prevents the use of long, rambling, and complex sentences. With a prospecting script, you don't have to remember anything, you only have to be able choose a line of dialogue and read it out loud.  

When words fail you! You can be the best salesperson, but if words fail you when you are prospecting, you're no better off than a salesperson with absolutely no skills. By using a script to increase sales of prepared words, it forces a salesperson to talk about the things that a prospect is interested in. Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting Scripts incorporates specific words for each script aimed at making a successful prospecting call. 

Scripts will prevent misunderstandings.
Sales scripts to increase sales are to orchestrate the words that you use and removes the discretion in favor of well thought out written words. A sales script forces you to think about your words in advance. The goal is to say the same things every time there is a business development opportunity.
In addition, it's not what you say, "it's how well you say it."

Prospecting must be organized. 
Telephone prospecting scripts to improve sales must include some sort of dicipline to get people to stay on message and talk to a prospect about things that concern them. Prospecting, therefore goes against the brain's chemistry and becomes an unnatural act. A sales script is a communications management tool.

  The pages for the Lead-off & sales-openers are meant for salespeople to talk. Dialogue to ask questions, get an appointment, talk about money,
                   see if there is potential, ask for a decision, close for an appointment, etc. The Lead-off dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call,
                   and states a brief selling message. 
   Sales script page of asking question.

     RED pages indicate to the salespeople to “stop talking” and let the prospect ask a question, state an objection, and voice their opinion.
             The dialogue of a telephone sales script is not a long wordy statement that the agents must follow from beginning to end, 
             but short ideas to spike the conversation with power words and impact statements.  

                   Prospecting scripts red page objection responses.

 YELLOW represents the “selling process” whereby the salesperson is prepared with numerous phrases known as the “language of selling.” 
                It is the typical sales information and you should have at your fingertips. Selling statements with blank lines for personalizing and additions.

                 Sales script selling dialogue.

Using a script prevents you from "talking too much." When a salesperson talks excessively when prospecting, the prospect loses patience and become irritated. It’s the overextended time factor that’s hard to excuse. Because prospects want fast and efficient communications, Smooth-talker scrutinizes each word of a sales script to see if something can be said with fewer words. 

Removing the fear of prospecting. 
Improve sales with a script by selling the features & benefits of a product or service. If you can remove the fear of the prospecting call, your business revenue will increase. Words that will cause the prospect to like you, trust you, and do business with you. Using a script means that telephone prospecting need not be feared and relationships can be built without anxiety.

Practice makes perfect. 
Salespeople never say the same thing twice when prospecting. Consequently, they don't get good at what they say. It really boils down to feeling that you won’t know what to say, therefore you avoid the telephone call. You’ll rule out the possibility of feeling bad.
The author & publisher wrote the book: "Smooth-taker, How To Write Your Own Sales Script" 
Most people who write books about prospecting have never really been on the front lines of prospecting for new business. It's written for easy reading with the words that most salespeople understand. 
                                                                                       Book: "How To Write A Sales & Prospecting Script"
                                                                   Author & publisher: Richard Bliznik ..   "How To Write A Prospecting Script" 

The first 60 seconds of dialogue is certainly not about convincing and persuading through the use of manipulation in a sales call. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The first minute of any conversation just lays the groundwork for all that’s to follow. If you only have less then one minute of talk time in a prospecting call, it makes no sense to talk about minor issues.

You have the opportunity to decide what you’re going to talk about long before the call. The beauty of a script to increase sales is that you can determine the value of every single word during the planning stage.