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Training scripts for Coaches & Trainers.

   Scripts for sales coaches.  and   Scripts for training.                                    

Coaching will make you successful in sales. 
It is a high relationship, trust building and local expertise & relationship that is desired. Business coaching aims to establish an ongoing communication. The goal of  sales coaches scripts is to focus on the “service” element. A contact lead card should be filed with some sort of coding indicating the quality of the prospect as well as the time that the prospect intends to buy the product or service.  Our goal is to help the business coach with scripts to increase efficiency.

            Commercial real estate sales assistants script.    Commercial real estate Leasing telemarketers scripts.       
Coaches are in great demand. Business coaches have their work cut out for them. They have to come up with prospecting methods but thay have very few books written about the topic. Good communication skills means writing the words that coaches will  put words in your mouth. The quality of the words that a coach uses will be the basis for creating an impact upon a potential prospect.  

Business coaches and Sales coaches have a great need for a comprehensive script with dialogue that teaches salespeople what to say. Business coaches have very few resources when it comes to scripts. 
Most sales coaches have no idea of what sales dialogue that says “precisely” what they want to say. Coaches for realtors have found  there were no resources or "How-to" books available that you could turn to for well conceived and properly worded sales scripts for coaching a salesperson to prospect.

Coachs are essential to training salespeople. The cornerstone of the business coaches training program is teaching the way that a salespeople prospect for new business. Sales coaches training programs do a pretty good job of teaching how to sell to a buyer that is comparing houses and is deciding which one to buy. That is considered captured customers instead of finding brand new business.  

Sales coaching scripts deals with a salesperson's fears. 
Fear of the unknown holds undue power over the psyche. Anxiety is fear based. Anxiety is worrying in the present about something bad happening in the future. It keeps the business coach trying to motivate their client to reach their potential. Worriers spend untold amounts of mental energy conjuring up bad things that could happen to them. Telephone prospecting is fraught with fear of disapproval because total strangers have no reason to hold back when giving their opinion. Disapproval is difficult to take no matter who it comes from. 

Salespeople never say the same thing twice, consequently, they don't get good at what they say. It really boils down to feeling that you won’t know what to say, therefore if you avoid the telephone call to the prospect. The business coach will spend countless hours helping people overcome their fear of prospecting. Sales coaches scripts prepare you for the bad things that perspects say.  

When salespeople lose confidence because thay fogot what to say to a prospect, the result is burnout. 
Fear, worry, and doubt cause a salesperson to burnout. The resulting loss of confidence is the reason a salesman procrastinates and puts off prospecting. Fear can lead to loss of confidence and burnout. A salesperson who avoids calling prospects is probably going through a phase of burnout. Instead of forcing them to change careers, change their skill level. Sales managers and real estate trainers try to anticipate stressful situations when making prospecting calls.

Business coaches help salespeople to "think positive." Positive thinking exercises have great value but are no substitute for the real reason why salespeople hate to prospect. Positive thinking will not alleviate the fact that fear is caused by what others say to us. It’s become a brutal arena for doing business. When you feel that fear as a result of what someone else says to you, you are giving them undue power over you.

Coaching deals with human nature. We live in a business world of combativeness, hostility, and a take no prisoner’s mentality. Meeting new people is fraught with anxiety. Salespeople agents let their emotions overcome logic. Sales people cannot let a few antagonistic individuals ruin their most valuable source of business.  Sales professionals get upset when treated rudely. 

Coaches attempt to answer the question, " why salespeople hate to prospect." Using a prospecting script means that telephone prospecting need not be feared. Relationships can be built without anxiety. A prospecting script can't remove all of your fears when making prospecting call. Accept the fact that there will be some degree of fear you will experience. You're not human if you don't have any fear.

Coaches can't to remove all of your fears. We can't remove all of your fears when making telephone prospecting call. Accept the fact that there will be some degree of fear you will experience. You're not human if you don't have any fear. Coaches scripts minimize the "fear of rejection" because they help you to remember what to say to a prospect. Having a sales prospecting script will keep you from avoiding the telephone prospecting call in the first place. 

      Fear makes us a coward!               

Sales coaches cite a low threshold for pain as the root causes of fear. Fear of rejection is the universal feeling that nearly every warm-blooded human being has. Fear of rejection in prospecting is the most common reason given for salespeople not prospecting. Whether it is called fear of telephone prospecting or call reluctance, .. the common element is the human emotion of “fear.”

     It's really the fear of disapproval.      
It is a fear of conflict and disapproval to which it is easier to retreat to a comfort zone protected from hostilities where we are safe. Salespeople rationalize and have thousands of excuses to avoid the appearance of having a weakness. For those who can't take conflict, the answer is to blame the prospect for being unreasonable. Instead we take the path of least resistance by not picking up the phone and making a prospecting call.

     Fear is a triggered response.             
Over time we developed all sorts of personal scenarios that we keep playing over and over in our mind. Business coaches and sales trainers agree that most people are uncomfortable meeting someone new. Fear is natural and it is the universal human condition. John F. Kennedy was right with his insightful observation when he said, ..  “We should never let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.”  Deeply imbedded in our sub-conscious is the naturally occurring instinct to avoid anything that causes mental pain.

                       "To acheive success in selling, you must be comfortable meeting new people, even though you may face fear of rejection."

      CBusiness coaches attempt to manage stress.

The business coaches tell us that salespeople say that it's easy to blame the company for not having enough new business.  It is more accurate to blame your emotional state on your ability to control fear. "Who wants to walk into a meat grinder anyway?"
After a certain number of stressful calls are made, the prospector/salesman is in no mood to take on another traumatic situation. The dislike is so powerful that salespeople find a way to avoid making calls to hostile prospects.

      Minimized the fear and you'll solve the biggest problem.
It's the one key ingredient that stands between you and the successful selling and making money you dream about. Minimize the fear of the telephone prospecting call. Find the solution to the telephone prospecting problem and everything else will fall into place. You will achieve success and making money and wealth you are capable of.  Avoid it and you are destined for mediocrity. 

       Emotions win over logic and intellect.   
You can't pick your options when it comes to emotions vs. logic.  Emotions will always win out over intellect.  When we become emotionally involved with the outcome we tend to react with words that may not serve us well. Sales coaches tell us the seople get so wrapped up in their own fears that they don’t fully understand what is happening around them. If they are provided with something to support them, such as a prospecting script, they tend to forget their fears as if they didn’t exist.

      Isolate the things that causes you fear. 
By isolating that which evokes the reaction of fear, then telephone prospecting call will become easier. Acknowledge the fear and examine it, and then it can be handled. You won't let a gruff voice or a bad attitude of a prospect keep you from your goal of becoming successful in generating new business.

      Don't give up! 
Business coachs tell sales people avoid controversy by giving up prematurely and ending the prospecting call. Hostility from a prospect is reason enough to end the call and move on. "Flight from fright" takes its toll once again. A hostile prospect has a lot of issues that can't be solved by a business coaches script but it's hard not to take it personally. What’s the big deal about fear of rejection anyway? We get it all of our life.