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Insurance Agents sales scipts

 Insurance agents sales script.
                                                                        Insurance agents prospecting scripts.       

Insurance agents sales scripts are written for all types of insurance business. Casuality, Life, Auto, Health, etc. Prospecting scripts for insurance agents is a tool that stands up in front of you when you make telephone calls to potential prospects. 

Successful new business development depends on having well written insurance agent sales script. 
Just place the insurance agent sales script in front of you when you make prospecting calls. Determine when to talk & when to listen & when to sell, then pick a 1-liner and read it to the prospect.

                                            We're so sure that you'll be satisfied that we offer a "30 Day Money Back" guarantee.   

                                                                             Insurance agent scripts. 
                                                Just stand the script for insurance agents up in front of you and dial the phone.

                                Insurance script.                                Instruction manual Insurance scripts.   
                             Includes a high quality Leatherette 3-ring                               Includes a 24 page Instruction Booklet about prospecting
                             binder plus 4 plastic section flippers.                                      and a Script writing kit to write your own additional scripts.

                               Insurance agent sale scripts include extra pages so you can write your own additional scripts.  Priced at $97.00
For a complete list of page headings for Insurance agents prospecting scripts, scroll down to the bottem of this webpage.

Insurance sales scripts come cut-down ready to use right out of the box. We provide you with a tangible product that you can use immediately. It's not something you must assemble or make yourself. It's ready to use right out of the box. Just stand the insurance script up in front of you and dial the phone. You can be prepared with the right words that will get you more appointments and sales. The dialogue becomes your stock answers to the prospects questions & objections.  

Insurance brokers depend on getting new business. Insurance agent sales scripts are designed to get new customers. 
Insurance agents sales scripts will lead to increased revenues due to the fact that they can generate increased business. Lead generation for insurance agents is critical to maintain market share. Sales scripts for insurance agents are for calling to get new clients. Sales scripts for life Insurance and sales scripts for health insurance are for calling new potential customers are the answer. They are similar yet different due to their unique objection rebuttals & responses.

 I am the author of the book: "Smooth-taker, How To Write Your Own Prospecting Script." 
I wrote a book as a result of 38 years of experience in prospecting and sales. It's a book that has seldom been written before because the people who write most books have never really been on the front lines of prospecting for new business. Their written for easy reading with the words that salespeople can use and understand.
               Book: "How To Write A Sales & Prospecting Script"

I wrote every single word of the Insurance agents sales scripts
that I publish. I didn't use (steal) any other people's words and dialogue. The scripts were written as a result from making tens of thousands of prospecting calls. After years of being a trainer I realized that salespeople hated to make prospecting calls because they couldn't remember what to say to a prospect. The rejection was just too much. .      

We've designed these heavy-duty scripts to match the amount of prospecting that must be done by the typical life and casualty insurance agent. They must stand up to the rigors of an prospecting. The number of a typical clientele can total in excess of 1,000's of active clients. That means they must call more than 500 to 2,000 potential prospects a month to maintain their book of business. Thin paper scripts will be shredded in couple of weeks at that rate. Insurance agents sales scripts may be used for thousands of prospecting calls, so they must be designed to last.

The insurance prospecting script offer a unique way to get more appointments. Smooth-talker scripts developed a fool-proof color-coded methed of viewing the sales scripts for Insurance agents. It is extremely suitable for easy viewing. We insisted that such a script would have to be a no-brainer to use. Put it in front of you and it's ready to go. It does't matter where you put a prepared response,  the real question is, how quickly can you find it when you need it. Insurance agents scripts can help you produce a large number of leads especially if you are prepared to prospect.

The same colors as a "Traffic Signal." You can find the proper dialogue with the help of Smooth-talkers' color-coded organization and structure. 
You want to have traditional objection responses written down because you have very little time during a prospecting call. 

     Training scripts for real estate.   Training course for real estate.    Sales scripts for training real estate agents.   

Insurance agents and brokers do more than sell insurance policies. Insurance agents are involved with much more financial advice then selling insurance policies. They are qualified to give a great deal of advice on financial planning and insurance is only one part of the average customers financial picture.


Includes a 24 page Instruction booklet. 
The instruction booklet shows you how to use your new sales script. It has instructions for personalizing the dialogue to suit your business. The manual shows you how to write a 1-liner and attach it to the script. When you learn how to write a insurance prospecting script for business development, the dialogue will be your own style and will reflect your personality. As an added benefit, you’ll be able to remember the words more easily because you chose them in the first place.

Also includes a  Script-writing Kit
shows you in great detail how to customize & add to your prospecting script. You will be able to compose a "1-liner" that is brief yet gets your point across with diplomacy with hard-hitting words & phrases that communicate your message.
Includes a supply of extra pages printed with blank headings for writing your own additional scripts. Includes 48 pieces of pieces of various sized colored card stock for writing your own 1-liner.

Telephone prospecting is the most cost effective.
When business is going down, Insurance Agents must prospect enough to generate at least the amount of business necessary to maintain status-quo. Passive marketing methods and advertising are unpredictable. Marketing methods are passive to the extent that you never know exactly if they are working and how much insurance agents business they produce. How much the new insurance business is worth should be looked at over the life span of the insurance agents book of business.

Life expectancy of a customer, ... no pun intended. In the life insurance business, how long a customer stays with you is extremely important. When they die they are no longer a "paying customer." You can count on them for income for a certain period of time. It's a hard fact of life but once you accept it, you'll be in a better position to plan for it. The lifespan of average insurance agents client is a major factor. Their value as a steady customer is worth far more than the cost of generating them. 
What is a life insurance customer worth to you? Are you going to sell to them only once or many times?


Insurance agents sales scripts are designed to help get new insurance clients. Everyone needs new sources of revenues to survive. Things can go downhill very quickly in the insurance business. Prospecting denies the competition the revenues and subsequently the market share goes to you. When insurance agents loses their prospecting intensity, there is a tendency for their income to diminish rapidly.
 The falloff occurs when the pipeline dries up. Getting up to speed may require a monumental effort.

How much is a new incremental customer worth to the insurance agency? If prospecting for insurance customers stops, then their revenue stream will start to dry up no matter how good their presentation is. It will be hard will it be to restart the prospecting for insurance agents program. That doesn’t account for the amount of money, time, and effort it takes to make up for lost time. 
Questions to ask yourself are:

              Insurance agent sales scripts are used for prospecting for new business because eventually all of their clients will die.  

              How much the bottem line affected if they do insurance service business with you more then once?
              What is an insurance agents client worth in total if they become a steady customer?

Prospecting is the name of the game. The winner takes all. If you have a lock on the prospect/customer and they're on your side of the ledger, in effect, you are denying them from the competition. Any time you can do that, it one more new insurance agents customer that is in your domain and not in somebody else’s. The cost of pursuing a prospect ends, and instead, the revenues start coming in to you. The cost of not pursuing a prospect increases especially if market share is critical.

              If you don't get insurance agents to prospect now, capturing them may cost the a lot more in the future.
              As the cost of pursuing a customer adds up, the cost of sales
 scripts for insurance agents will seem negligible.

To get more new business, simply increase your prospecting skills. 
You don’t need to hire twenty or thirty percent more insurance agents scripts for sales when it's easier to increase their efficiency by a similar amount. You’ll wind up with the same proportion of competency if you increase their skill level.
If it were true that insurance agents could generate new revenue from more calling, it would be simple enough to hire more agents to make calls.

                Hiring more insurance agents is difficult & expensive. Increase the prospecting skills of insurance agents is less costly

                Increasing the effectiveness that you have is far more profitable.


Increased prospecting skill increases the bottom line
exponentially. It’s possible to  increase the income substantially if you can figure out how to get the agents to make more calls.
You could further increase profits if you can enable the insurance agent using sales scripts to improve their hit rate and increase their ability and get a higher percentage return on the calls they make."

Market share is all that matters. 
The “Holy Grail” of business is to increase market share. Maintaining market share is a given but it is also passé. The boss, his boss, and the boss's boss all share in the overwhelming need to increase insurance agent market share for obvious reasons. The total amount of potential insurance agents customers is not likely to change and if it does, it change slowly. It's the only “zero-sum” game in town that says when one insurance agent wins, another loses. 

Another factor in getting a new customer is how many new referrals are typically generated over a period of time.The good part is that the cost incurred to get a insurance customer is nil. Sales scripts  for insurance agents were written to help insurance agents build their business by asking other professionals to send them referrals. Insurance agents sales  scripts are a result of discovering that insurance professionals have difficulty with asking others to help them by exchanging referral clients.

New clients must be developed. How much of your profits are from new insurance agents and how much from old customers. If the ratio of new to old customers is high, your  insurance agents are glorified order takers. It may mean your business is on a “slippery slope” and your insurance agents are only capable of calling on "captured business," that is current customers. Whom ever prospects, gets the prospect.

Everyone is competing for the same prospect. The insurance business is more competitive than ever before. Insurance agents can no longer do just the “fun stuff” and expect to have business fall into their laps. Some insurance agents still think that just showing up the main ingredient for success. “Schmoozing” and “back slapping” fail to win over today’s savvy insurance agents prospects. Competition can come from any number of financial services sources.  Customers may leave you because of real or imagined dissatisfaction.

Passive marketing methods are costly and hard to measure. The insurance agents customer coming on board may only be replacing the customer who is on their way out. When business is going down, the staff of financial planners must prospect enough to generate at least the amount of business necessary to maintain status-quo. Passive marketing methods and advertising are unpredictable. Marketing methods are passive to the extent that you never know exactly if they are working and how much business they produce.

One coming .. one going .. and one paying customer. The insurance agents business world is always in a state of flux. It seems that you have: 1 coming, 1 going, and 1 paying customer. If you have more coming then going, you’re growing. If you have more prospects going then coming; it’s inevitable you’re going out of business. The insurance agents customers coming on board may only be replacing the customer who is on their way out. For instance; Auto Insurance sales scripts are invaluable because people buy a car every five years or so.

Lack of discipline and motivation is not the problem. Lack of dicipline is not the real reason a insurance agent avoids prospecting. Lack of discipline is a common bit of stereotyping, but it's quite wrong. Discipline or lack thereof is not the real reason that insurance agents hate to prospect. How many insurance agents can truly say that'd just as soon avoid prospecting if given a choice? Everyone agrees that it should get done, but that it is someone else's responsibility. Some questions to ask yourself. 

                              Insurance agents sales script.                       Insurance prospecting script. 
                          Shown is the up-grade to a multi-ring binder
                               Pictured is a sales & prospecting script and his book:                           
                          and an up-grade to a Genuine Leather portfolio.                   "Smooth-talker, How To Write Your Own Sales & Prospecting Script."

Color-code for finding the dialogue you need. You can find the proper dialogue with the help of Smooth-talkers' color-coded organization and structure. 
You want to have traditional objection responses written down because you have very little time during a prospecting call.   

          Heading & topics for Insurance sales scripts.  The color-coded pages of the Insurance agents scripts are as follows 

         GREEN   24 pages of scripts means you are doing the talking & conversing about the following.                    
         Selling "Peace of Mind"                                             Replacing my clients who die. 
         Building my client base.                                             Follow-up call.
         Previously contacted.                                                Calling clients who are good business prosects.
         Call to present my Insurance services.                     Old prospect,  renew interest.
         Calling early or calling after business hours.             Referral from a person who knows you.
         Call dodger  -  Secretary screens calls.                     Gatekeeper  - receptionist  - call screener.  

         Does the prospect need Insurance services.            Do They Want My Insurance Services. 
         Do they have money for Insurance.                          Discuss Money Issues.
         Time to reviewing Insurance.                                    Best Time to Meet  - Appointment.
         Have You Made A Decision.                                     Discover Potential For Doing Business.
         Close On Services & Best Values.                           Commentment To Get Insurance.  
         Get An Agreement.                                                   Overcome Reluctance / Take The Next Step.

          RED   24 pages contain Questions that must be answered & Objections that must be responded to. 
          Respond with 24 pages & up to 6 responses per page. Each 1-liner offers a different approach to the objection. 
         These are the "most often heard" objections & questions.

          I don’t need an Insurance agent.                             I don’t want an Insurance agent.
          I’m not interested.                                                    Not interested .. unless the price / fee is right.
          I don’t want whatever you’re selling.                       I don’t trust insurance advisors.
          How do I know this isn't a scam?                            If I want an Insurance agent .. I'll call one!
          I can get lower fees on Insurance services.            Do you have the lowest fees / prices?
          Others will cut their fees & prices.                           Will you cut your fees & prices?
          Not a good time to buy Insurance - I want to wait.  Wait for something to change.
          Not now  - Maybe in the future.                                I'm Too busy  -  No time to see you.
          Send me some information.                                     Call me some other time.
          I’ll think about it - Non-committal.                             Stalling & won’t make a commitment. 
          Friend in the business  - sells similar services.        Why should I choose your insurance services?
          Why should I change insurance agent?                   Why are you calling?
          I get a lot of calls.                                                     I had a bad experience.

         YELLOW   12 pages contain the traditional selling language & the reasons to do business.                     
                           There are many places for you to add your personal information.    
         30-Second Commercial" - aka: "elevator pitch.        Insurance agents profile of you & your company.
         3 Reasons to choose our Insurance services.          Guarantees  -  References  -  Affiliations.
         Why meet with me  -  Meeting outline.                      3 Reasons to choose me as your Insurance agent.
         Benefits of choosing me as your Insurance agent.   My Speciality.  My Resources.
         Advantages of my / our Insurance services.             Things that my company can do better.                       
         Company  highlights - History - Facts.                      Presentation of insurance agent services.   (by phone)

Using lists to call for getting Insurance customers. 
It is best to call from lists every day, the more the better. I can’t tell you the number of prospects that you can effectively prospect, but a good estimate would be 30 to 80 every day. Don’t forget that there will be a large number of prospects that you haven't been able to reach tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, ad infinitum. By the end of one week, you will probably have a large number of  people that you did not or could not contact.

You should call the prospects that are most likely to need insurance using a Insurance sales script. Call the potential prospect that you think will give you an appointment within a reasonable time.