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     _______________________   PRICE LIST   ____________________________  

 Residential Real Estate scripts.             
Expired Listings script.                                                                                     $97.00
For Sale By Owner                                                                                              "
Cold-call & Farming                                                                                             " 
Notice Of Default - Short-sale - Foreclosure                                                       "   
New Agents Training script (covers Expired listings, For Sale By Owner, & Cold Calling/Farming)        "

Telemarketers & sales-assistants  -  Expired Listings                                     $97.00
   "           "                    "                 -  Call Call & Farming script                          "   
   "           "                    "                 -  For Sale By Owner                                    "
   "           "                    "                 -  Notice Of Default / Short-sale / Foreclosure  

 Commercial Real Estate Brokers & Agents.   

Commercial Investment Real Estate - Leasing scripts                                     $97.00
Commercial Investment Real Estate - Listing & selling                                         "

Telemarketers & sales-assistants - Leasing                                                    $97.00
Telemarketers & sales-assistants - Listing & selling                                             "  


 Financial Services - Financial Advisors - Financial Planners.
Financial Services - Financial Advisors - Financial Planners                           $97.00 

Telemarketers & sales-assistants for Financial Services/Planners                  $97.00

 Mortgage brokers and Loan brokers.   
Mortgage brokers - Loan brokers                                                                     $97.00

Telemarketers & sales-assistants for Mortgage brokers & Loan brokers         $97.00

Insurance Agents - Life, casuality, accident, etc.    

Insurance Agents                                                                                              $97.00

Telemarketers & sales-assistants for Insurance Agents                                   $97.00

 Business - calling on prospects to sell Products and Services.   
Business -  Prospecting for the sale of PRODUCTS                                      $249.00
Business -  Prospecting for the sale of SERVICES                                             "  

Telemarketers & sales-assistants for business sale of PRODUCTS              $249.00                                   
Telemarketers & sales-assistantsfor business sale of SERVICES                     "  

 For all sales professionals.                 
Referral scripts  -  "Asking Someone For Referrals"                                        $199.00
Networking scripts -   "Join My Local Referral Networking Group"                      

Telemarketers & sales-assistants for Referrals                                               $199.00                                   
Telemarketers & sales-assistants for Networking                                                 "  

Note: ... We're sorry but we just can't make Smooth-talker prospecting scripts any less expensive. They are extremely labor-intensive to produce. The scripts have over 80-100 pieces.  All 60 script pages are printed on heavy-duty colored card-stock. It takes over 50 minutes for the components to be printed, cut-down & hand assembled along with printing the Instruction Manual, making the section-flippers, covers, etc ... plus administrative time & preparing it for shipping.

 Real Estate Trainers & Sales Managers.                            
Real Estate Training Course & 4 Training scripts.                                          $949.95
A complete real estate training program.  
A 220 page training manual on how to make prospecting calls & how to write a sales
script. Includes
 4 training scripts and enough material for four new agents.

  _______________________________  UPGRADES   _________________________________

 Upgrade To A "Stand-up Easel Binder"     $18.00                                                                     
Stand-up Easel Binder - fits all scripts.  Makes it easy to view the pages. Designed to withstand heavy daily use. 

        Stand-up Easel binder.

    Quick Reference Guide also known as a "Cheat-sheet"   $10.00     
View all the headings of the script at a glance with this "stand-up" quick 
referance guide. It makes it easy to spot the heading you need.
       Quick referance guide & cheat-sheet.  Quick referance guide and cheat-sheet.

 Extra pages.    $10.00 per 12 pack.                                                       
Pack of 12 pages. In Green, Red, Yellow heavy stock. 
You'll need need them for writing your additional prospecting scripts. Holes are pre-punched.
Please tell us if you have the 3-ring binder or the Multi-ring binder.

      Script-writing Kit.

       Upgrade to a .. Multi-Ring Binder system. 
 All scripts can be upgraded to Mult-ring Binders for only $50.00 Available with the unique "multi-ring" binder systems by Levenger® 
    Levenger company is an east coast supplier of high quality products for writers, salespeople, and all business professionals. 
   Check out their catalogue at   View their "Circa" products and also their genuine leather binders, purses, and other gifts.

            Sales Scripts Multi-ring binder system.     Mult-ring binders for the sales scripts.    Multi-ring binder sales script.

   Multi-ring binders hold the scripts in place more securely. We offer these heavy-duty multi-ring binders to match our high quality scripts. They will stand up to the 
   rigors of a sales professionals prospecting. For example, the number of a Financial Advisors typical clientele average is about 500 active clients. That means they
   must call about 1,000 to 2,000 potential prospects a month to maintain their book of business. Paper scripts will be shredded in couple of weeks at that rate. 

Multi-ring binder system have 11 rings.       
   Multi-ring binders have 11 rings that will hold the scripts in place. Prospecting can be very tough on paper based scripts. You may be
  making 20, 50 or 100's of calls a day involving flipping the script pages every time. It doesn't take long for your scripts to be shredded
  by such activity. Thats why we print all of our scripts on heavy card-stock.
The multi-ring binder uses a special maching for punching the unique holes of the pages.
   Multi-ring hole punch and assembly machine.   Multi-ring binder holes.   

  The incredible amount of wear & tear of constantly flipping the pages of the script is eliminated. The pages are more securely held in place with 11 unique  
  rings of Levenger Circa brand system. See their website at for additional products.
These multi-ring binder systems are strudy enough
  to stand up to ultra-heavy daily use.

   Upgrade - "Genuine Leather Binder Cover"  -  on sale now for only $69.00           
Deluxe Genuine Leather Binder Cover from Levenger™. Fits all Smooth-talker prospecting scripts that use the multi-disc system.
See their website at: & go to the "Circa" products. Levengers price is $129.00


See their website at: & go to the "Circa" products. 
They come with a "velour portfolio-cover" and are gift-boxed. 
They are so beautiful we just had to offer them to you. We don't make any money on them, we just pass along the cost according to their catalog. Smooth-talker sales scripts deserve to be treated to beautiful genuine leather script covers. Levenger™. is an east coast company that is a high quality supplier for writers, journalists, and discerning professionals who insist on the best. Designed to make a statement and to last forever. They come in:  Saddle, Black, Tan.

  The most definititive book on how to write a sales script. 
"Smooth-talker, How To Write Your  Own Sales Scripts"   $24.95  Sorry!  The first printing is all sold out.
By: Richard Bliznik, author and publisher.  Copyright © 2008 Richard Bliznik. All rights reserved.
A 212 page book about techniques for how to write your own sales scripts.
Packed with tips and techniques, it is your guide to writing a prospecting script that will get you in the door. 

       Smooth-talker, How To Write Your Own Prospecting Script

SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL.  Priced at $97.00    
 All-Purpose Sales Script for the new licensed real estate agents. 
Comes in a beautiful black Leatherette Portfolio with two multi-disc binder systems.  60 pages including 12 pages of Lead-off scripts in another multi-ring binder. It includes a second multi-disc binder system containing the Lead-off & Sales openers scripts.
It has everything that the new real estate agent needs all combined into one script.  There is dialogue for Expired listings, For Sale By Owner, and Cold calling & Farming.
       Real estate training script.  Sales Scripts Multi-ring binder system.
       Note: .. Just like all of our quality Smooth-talker script products ... they are cut-down & assembled and include an "Instruction Manual" and more.

    CLOSE OUT SALE.  SAVE OVER 70% on beautiful 3-ring binder / portfolio.   Only $29.95
 Organizers & Binders from HARTZELL.
We have a few high quality mult-function organizer 3-ring binders by HARTZELL in Burgandy leather.
Originally priced at over $110.00 we want to clear them out
 for only $29.95 We have approximately 10 of them left as of 3-1-17.

Binder from Hartzell.