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Real estate Notice of Default & Foreclosure Telemarketing.

 Telemarketing scripts for Notice of Defaults.   and   
 Sales assistants Foreclosure scripts. 

Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting Scripts is reponding to your request for much-needed prospecting scripts for telemarketers for Notice of Defaults. The Telemarketing Short sales scripts are to assist you in your prospecting activities. Foreclosure telemarketing scripts are produced for the purpose of hiring a sales-assistant or telemarketer to call on a property owner who has received a foreclosure notice.

                 You just have to determine when to Talk, when to Listen, and when to Sell, then pick a "1-liner" and read it to the homeowner. 

                                                        An efficient sales script.      
                                                Just stand the script for telemarketing notice of defaults up in front of you and dial the phone.

                             Commercial real estate sales assistants script.                                Commercial real estate Leasing telemarketers scripts.
                             Includes a high quality Leatherette 3-ring                               Includes a 24 page Instruction Booklet about prospecting
                             binder plus 4 plastic section flippers.                                      and a Script writing kit to write your own additional scripts.

Telemarketing scripts for Notice Of Default will get more listings if they say the right things. They concentrate on the limited amount of time that a homeowner has to sell their home. It is highly lucrative method for getting real estate listings. You will be more successful if you use telemarketing scripts for Notice of Defaults. Prospecting the Notice of Default, Short-sale and Forclosure notices are unique.

An great source listings provided that you call them. Sales assistant Notice of Default scripts were written because they are an obvious source of listings providing you call them. You are denying yourself success by not establishing yourself as capable of saying the right things to homeowner who has receive a Notice of Default.  If you have a Smooth-talker notice of default script for telemarketing, you will have at you fingertips the proper things to say and you will get the listing on their home. 

Hire a Sales-assistant or Telemarketer to make additional prospecting calls. Real estate agents have limited time for prospecting for new business have found it lucrative to hire a sales assistant to make notice of default calls. Sales assistants scripts for Notice of Default are designed to make calls to potential prospects.

                            Financial services prospecting script.                           Smooth-talker sales scripts & prospecting scripts.
                            Shown is the up-grade to a multi-ring binder
                               Pictured is a sales & prospecting script and his book:                           
                            and an up-grade to a Genuine Leather portfolio.                   "Smooth-talker, How To Write Your Own Sales & Prospecting Script."  

Foreclosures will be with us for a long time. In many markets across the US, nearly 10-30% of the homes are in some stage of the foreclosure process. If Notice of Default filings and Foreclosure notices comprise 10-30 % of your market and you don't call them, you're ignoring a sizable portion of real estate leads. You will remain on the sidelines while others get the listings.

                         How many will list their home?  For every 100 calls a telemarketer makes, approximately ...

                         20 will refuse help no matter what you say and will choose to let the home go into forclosure.

                        20 will choose a loan reduction strategy and will not list their home just yet. They may list it at the last

                        moment and try to sell it. You must stay in contact.

                        60 homeowners will listen to a real estate agents telephone call that they perceive being familiar with 
                        notice of default filings, the short-sale process, and the foreclosure process.

       Therefore you have an 60% chance to get an appointment to list the home. You just don't know which of the 60 will list their home with you."   

Telemarketers and Sales-assistants can produce a lot of leads. 
Real estate sales assistants can produce a large number of leads if they are prepared with a Notice of default script for telemarketers and will lead to increased revenues due to the fact that they generate new business leads. Calling with the aid of a forclosure filing script will insure that you will say the right things to get a listing. 

Notice of Default telemarketing depends on a foreclosure filing script for their listing skills to make prospecting calls. The value of a sales-assistants script for Notice of Default cannot be overstated. They need a Notice of Default script to know what to say to a prospect and how to respond to an objection. 

The amount of time you have if a Notice Of Default situation. Telemarketing sales scripts for foreclosures focuses on the “time” element. The time you have to call on the prospect is generally 3 to 6 months and varies with the state and local laws. It is referred to as the "shelf-life" of a prospect. 

   A Sales-assistants & Telemarketers job is to:                                             
       Discover whether the prospect has a need or want for the services.  
       Ask for an appointment based on money.
       Find out the time element that a prospect have.

      They must handle
 any of the 24 basic garden variety Objections  such as:
      How do they handle the 24 common objections that a homeowner most likely asks?

      I'm not interested!                             
   I don't want your products or services.
      Send me some information.                
Not now, I want to wait.
      Now it not a good time.                       Will you cut your commission?            
      I'm too busy.                                        Call me some other time ... and on ... and on.

      The telemarketer can offer reason & benefits to do business with the real estate agent, such as:  
      The reasons to choose the services you offer.
      The benefits of the products or services.
      A "30-Second Commercial" for choosing the services you offer.
      Reasons to meet with the salesperson and a meeting outline.

The initial contact is the hardest call to make. The beginning of the listing process is making the initial contact. You must make the call. If you don't make the call, your competition will. The avoidance is so strong that people would rather sacrifice their potential success then take the risk of getting their feelings bruised.   

          *** Note:  regarding un-licensed sales assistants & telemarketers. 
               The scripts take great care to assure that they
 only determine
 if there is an interest in the services of the  employing agent & broker and no specific property is discussed. 


       Headings for Telemarketing Notice of Default scripts and the Foreclosure telemarketing scripts are listed below.

     GREEN  24 pages of Notice of Default telemarketing scripts. You are doing the talking.                                                                      
         12 pages of Lead-off scripts & Sales-openers. The dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call, and states a brief selling message.

         Do you want to list their property for sale?              Prospecting call for Notice of Default and Foreclosure.
         Reasons to sell before the foreclosure.                   Follow-up call  -  previous contact, stay in touch.    
         Let you know they service available.                       Can We list your property with a one-party listing.
         Notice of Default  -  renew interest.                         Notice of Default cold call.
         Not listed - but it's still for sale.
                                Calling before or after business main hours.
Follow-up call after after a mailing.

12 page headings for the Notice of Default telemarking scripts.                                           

        Need the services of an agent.                               Decision  - To List & Choose an agent.
        Do You Want The Services Of an Agent.               Potential to do business  -  Motivation.  
        Best Time To Meet  For an  appointment.              Overcome Reluctance Take the next step.       
        Time  - When Will Prospect List.                             Closes  - Ask for the listing.
        Money  appointnent to talk about finances.            Get An Agreement To List With The Agent.  
        Get More Money By Selling quickly.                       Build Relationships. Take the next step.

    RED pages contain Questions that must be answered and Objections that must be responded to.  

       I’m Not Interested.                                                  Why are you calling?  
       I Don’t have any plans to sell.                                Why Should I Choose The Agent?    
       Too Busy  -  No Time to see you.                           Why Should I Change Agents?     
       Non-Committal  -  I Can’t Decide.                           You’re Asking A Lot Of Questions.
       I’ll Think about It  -  Stalling.                                    Does The Agent Have Any Experience?
       Send Information  - Tell me by phone.                    Bad Experience - I’m Mad At You Agents.

       Sell It Myself, Save The Commission.                    I’ll List with a friend.
       If you’re so good then get me my price.                 Friend in the Business.         
       How Much Is Your Commission?                           I'll list with a Neighbor.
       Others charge less commission.                            I Want to Wait - Now Is Not a Good Time.  

  YELLOW  pages are the traditional selling language and the reasons to do business with you.               

                     There are fill-in-the-blanks for you to put facts about you & your services.
       30 Second Commercial..                                       Reasons to Choose The Agent.
       Agent Profile   -  Agent Services.                          Reasons to Choose Our Company.
       Agent Services -  What We Can Do                      Resources, Internet, Research, Size, History.
       Affiliations  - Guarantees - References.                What a Broker and Agent Can Do.
       Benefits of Company & Agents Services.             Marketing Plan We Intend to Use to get your home sold.      
       Why Meet With Us? Things to discuss.                  

Telemarketers, sales-assistants, and appointment setters have many names. Telemarketing scripts for notice of defaults are referred to by many names including: inside sales assistants, marketing reps, business development aides, sales support associates, sales affiliates and many other unique monikers. 

Leverage your efforts by hiring a Telemarketer or Sales-assistant to make calls to homeowners who have received a notice of default filing. But the reality is that all real estate professionals want to leverage their efforts to make more calls to prospective clients using the telephone.