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FAQ frequently asked questions.

                             FAQ  -  Frequently asked questions about Smooth-talker Sales & Prospecting scripts.         

Q. Why are your scripts so expensive? 
A.  They are very time consuming to produce & require a lot of expensive materials. There is simply no way to automate the process. It requires approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour to print, sort, punch, and cut down the 60 pages in a "staggered" fashion. Then they are hand assembled putting the 4 “page flippers” onto the rings. Attach the covers and backing to the binder, print the instruction manual, assemble the script kit, and then package all of it for shipping.   
Q.  How complicated can they be?     
A.  There is more to them then just throwing them on a copy machine and binding them up. There are over 100 pieces to every Smooth-talker. The "delux edition" is punched with the special machine to fit the Roll-A-Bind  disc-attachment system. The delux versions are then hand assembled using the 11 jumbo discs along with the clear page-flippers and the heavy duty covers plus all the other components.
Q. Can’t you make them a little cheaper? 
A. The price will come back to you many time over, .. especially over the lifetime of a sales career. We use a custom 3-ring binder to keep costs at a minimum. Available is the "delux edition" which includes a Roll-A-Bind® system. The delux upgraded scripting binders are a bit pricy but they solves that problem of heavy usage. We offer our customers a choice. See their impressive high quality products at;

Q. Do Smooth-talker sales scripts work?  
A. You must judge for yourself.  If prospecting is a chore that you don't like to do, it may be because you don't know what to say or that you have forgotten the words that should be used. Smooth-talker was written as a result of thousands of hours of prospecting and calling on tens of thousands of prospects. You couldn't dream up the things that a prospect says. After 20 years of development, we think we have come up with the formula & color-code for locating the appropriate script that you need. 

Is the author qualified to write sales scripts and write prospecting scripts ?
A. From his book on how to write your own prospecting script are words that will get you more appointments and also how to edit the sales scripts you already have adding the expertise required to talk to today's savvy prospects. The author has been involved in sales for over 35 years and has made over a 100,000 prospecting calls in the last 15 years alone. He has a degree from Eastern Michigan University in Business Education and a BA in Business Administration. Having trained over 3,000 real estate agents, he is well qualified to write & publish sales scripts.  

Q. What are the benefits of Smooth-talker sales scripts and prospecting scripts? 
A. After awhile you'll remember the dialogue & use it in sales presentations and just about all business conversations.
Approximately one-third of the "1-liners" are common to all prospecting conversations and two-thirds are specific to the type of prospecting the scripts were written for. As a result, the same concerns, questions, and objections came up in which responses were prepared for the next time they inevitably occur. Purhaps 70-80% of of the questions and objections you hear over and over.  

Q. Must I customize the Yellow pages & how much work does it involve?
A.   Only if you want to become successful. It would defeat the purpose of learning the elements of scripting by not having read the "instruction manual." It would be too complicated to write the “Yellow” pages without reading this book. Customizing and “adding-to” the Smooth-talker prospecting scripts is of importance because there are many unique situations that you have experienced that you will want to write about. 

        "A salesperson should have at thier fingertips information about their
 products & services and the reasons the prospect should do business with them."

Q. Why do you have so many versions of the scripts?   Why should I purchase them?
A. Smooth-talker has over 28 scripts that concentrate on the unique nature of calling on prospects in all fields of endeaver. We’ve written some hard hitting responses to difficult and highly specialized questions and objections of today’s sellers. You’ve heard them before but never has a script been able to answer them.

Q.   Why are the pages printed on color-coded hard-stock?
A. The script headings are representative of the headings of all of the scripts.
The page order will change slightly with the type of script you purchase. For instance: Notice of Default headings will concentrate on the time element. It emphasizes the limited amount of time the homeowner has to get a short-payoff and get the property sold.

Q.  What are the page headings of the scripts?  ...  
       GREEN pages dialogue are for when you are Talking and Conversing. 

       Discussing the prospects Need for the product & service.
       Asking the prospect if they Want the product & service.
       Reqesting an appointment based on Money and financial matters.
       Finding out the Time for buying the product or of when they need the services you offer.
       Determining the Potential to do business.
       Asking the prospect if they have made a Decision.
       Closing for the sale. Close for an appointment.

       RED pages mean Stop Talking & Listen!
       The prospect has Questions that must be answered or Objections that must be responded to.

       Most prospects just try to prevent the call from going any farther once they find out that it's a sales call.
      They say they're not interested.  They tell you to send them the information.
      They want to cut your prices, commissions, and fees.
      They say that they have a supplier or that they have a friend they prefer or do business with.
      Often they want to wait until the economy gets better.

                      Prospects will try to deflect, delay, distract, defer, sidetrack, hinder, postpone, prevent and reject          
                      your prosecting call with a real or imagined objections or .. to simply make it hard on the salesperson.  

        YELLOW pages are the traditional SELLING DIALOGUE  used to convince & pursuade a prospect.  
    •   They should have a "30-Second commercial" aka. an "elevator pitch" written down and ready to say.
    •   They should have at least 3 reasons to choose them as their sales representative.
    •   The salesperson's experience profile and what they can do for the prospect.
    •   The salespersons resources for getting the job done.
    •   References the prospect can call & guarantee policies of the company.
    •   Reasons to choose the company.  Benefits of their product and service. 
    •   A meeting outline for what will be discussed at their appointment. 
                       These are just a few of the main points of the YELLOW pages sales plan.

               "There is a lengthy list of categories of objections but we have chosen to limit them to 24 of the 
                        most often heard objections. It's more than enoughto to handle most prospecting calls"   

What questions should I ask before I purchase the scripts?
Having a well written sales prospecting script gives you many ways to say something instead of just one way.

          How many ways do you have for to get an appointment? 
          Do you have only one or do you have half a dozen ways to get an appointment? 
          Are you prepared to respond to common questions and objections? 

Q. Do I need a "genuine Leather" script cover / holder?

A. No, they are purely a luxury that you can reward yourself.  You can order the script covers for $129.00. (on sale for $69.00 for a limited time) The leather script covers by “Levenger” are of high quality are ablolutely beautiful and will last a lifetime.  We make no money on them and we pass through their cost.   Levenger carries beautiful things for salespeople & writers. Don't you deserve it?

Q. Are the scripts suitable for sales training courses?
A. Sales training courses are written to say the proper words to contact potential prospects for the purpose of getting new business.
 Sales training scripts are written so that 3 out of 4 people that receive calls can understand them. People tend to use the sales training and sale scripting tools they get in business training classes.  A sales script is a sales tool that is used constantly and becomes a sales training device for skill building.  Now you can take the things you learned in sales training courses & real estate training courses and "put them to use."

Q. Do the sales scripts insure that a uniform message will occur?
A. Sales scripts insures that salesperson give the same uniform message, guarantees, and policies that the company must stand behind. When you are skillful with the words learned in sales training, you don't have to constantly sell, use pressure, or be manipulative. Getting new business prospect involves selling the features and benefits of a product or service. A sales script just adds the proper elements to every prospecting situation.

Q. Does Smooth-talker use proper English?
A. If a sales script can be written with correct English, it can also be amended to exclude improperly worded dialogue.
As long as a sales script is delivered as it's written, it will be acceptable. If it's more effective than any other version, it will be considered a superior script.  Courteous dialogue can be demanded from all salespeople and they are expected not to deviate. Sales script dialogue then becomes the standard by which all other sales conversations can be measured.

Q. How can I require "mandatory wording"
Insisting on using a sales script insures that a salesperson abides by the Department of Licensing rules and Fair Business Standards. Writing a sales script insures that your comply stays with-in “Department Of Licensing” rules. Writing a business script "word-for-word" satisfies the requirement that you to say something according to the law. Mandatory phrasing of a sales script means that some things will be said in a legal way. For instance: Real Estate commissions are negotiable and tax advice and legal advice are prohibited. 

                             Heard by spouses, friends, and associates a thousand times . . . “It costs a nickel more to go first class”

Q. Can I expect the salespeople to make those calls?   
If you don't make the call"  ...someone else will and you won't get the chance to help the prospect. Using sales script dialogue eliminates a person from using their own brand of sales dialogue. Also, a sales script promotes consistency and prevents them from using their own “homespun” words.