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Scripts to sell Services Telemarketing

                Telemarketing Scripts to sell Services.  and   Sales-assistants scripts for selling services.              

Sales-assistants & telemarketers scripts for selling services are now available. Telemarketing scripts for selling services are designed to make calls to potential prospects. Sales professionals have limited time to prospect for new business and have found it lucrative to hire a telemarketer to make sales calls. All professionals want to leverage their efforts to make more calls to prospective clients using the telephone. 

                                  Just determine when to talk and when to listen and when to go into a selling mode.  
                                      Then pick a heading & read a "1-liner" to the prospect."  
It is just that simple!

                   Telemarketing scripts for selling services.                  Scripts for telemarketers selling services.                                      
                Scripts are cut-down and ready to use right out of the box.                      Includes a high quality "Leatherette" 3-ring 
                  60 pages of dialogue that you can access at a glance.                                binder plus 4 plastic section flippers.

                                                                     Sales assistants scripts for services.      
                                                          Includes a 24 page Instruction Booklet about how to use the scripts and.               
                                                             a "script writing kit" to write your own additional prospecting scripts.              

                              For a complete list of page headings sales professionals selling services, go to the bottem of this webpage.  

The value of a sales-assistants & telemarketers scripts to sell services. A telemarketers script for selling services depends on their work skills to make prospecting calls to a wide range of people. Telemarketing scripts for the sale of services have a direct impact on revenue. The value of a sales of services telemarketing script cannot be overstated. 

Scripts for telemarketing selling services will lead to increased revenues due to the fact that the scripts generate new business leads. Telemarketers can generate new business if thy have a script for selling services by telemarketers. It’s possible to increase the companies income substantially if you can figure out how to make the calls productive. You could further increase profits if you can enable the sales-assistant  to improve their hit rate and increase their ability and get a higher percentage return on the calls they make.

Prospecting is a skill that can be acquired by a telemarketer. Some cannot acquire the skills required for a telephone prospecting cold call. Others spend enormous amounts of money on advertising, direct mail, and passive marketing methods in hopes of reaching the same person by making a prospecting cold-call for free.  

          The difference between the scripts for a sales professional and a telemarketers:             

    Scripts for those making their own prospecting calls and are written for the person who is prospecting for new business. 
Written in the 1st. person.  

      Telemarketers and Sales-assistants who make calls for them are written for those who work for them. 
          Written in the 3rd. person. Telemarketers must repeat who they are representing by mentioning them by name.  

Smooth-talker produces heavy duty scripts that will stand up to heavy use. 
We offer these heavy-duty sales scripts to match the extreme usage and rigors of prospecting.  The scripts are lazor printed on heavy 90 lb. card-stock  which last  much longer that if it were printed on flimsy paper. Telemarketers and sales-assistant must call about 2,000 to 4,000 potential prospects a month to maintain their quota. Paper scripts will be shredded in couple of weeks at that rate.    

Should you hire more sales-assistants and telemarketers? You don’t need to hire 20 or 30% more telemarketers when it's easier to increase their capability by a similar amount. You’ll wind up with the same proportion of your telemarketers competency if you can increase their proficiency. If it were true that sales assistants could generate new business revenue from simply making more calls, it would be easy enough to hire more telemarketers and sales-assistants. The job description of a sales-assistants and telemarketer is to ask questions.      

         Telemarketing scripts for the sale of services will be able to: ...
         Discover the prospects need or for the services being offered.   
         Ask for an appointment and get an aggreement.
         Find out the "time element" that a prospect has for purchasing services.                          
         When does the prospect want to buy the services.

        Telemarketers and Sales-assistants selling services get the same objections as a salesperson.      
        They can handle any of the 24 basic garden variety Objections that prospects have, such as:
        I'm not interested!                                  I don't want your services.
        Send me some information                   
 Not now.  -  I want to wait
        Now it not a good time.                          Will you cut your fees?           
        I'm too busy.                                          Call me some other time and on .. an on.

         A Sales-assistant and telemarketer can offer reasons and benefits to do business.  
       The telemarketer can offer reason & benefits to do business.
       The reasons to choose the services you offer.
       The benefits of the products or services.                                  
       Helping the prospect choose a sales representive.
       Reasons to meet with salesperson.

          Headings & Topics for scripts for telemarketers selling services are listed below: ...    

         GREEN  24 pages in total. Dialogue is which you are doing all of the talking.                                                     

          12 pages of Lead-off scripts & Sales-openers. They are single purpose, stand-alone scripts.   
          The dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call, and states a brief selling message.         
         Building our business by calling prospects .               Calling  potential prospects who might buy our products.
         Building my client base.                                              Follow-up call.
         Previously contacted.                                                 Calling  potential prospects who are in the business.
         Call to present my Insurance services.                      Calling "old prospects" to  renew interest.
         Calling early or calling after business hours.              Referral from a person who knows you.
         Call dodger  -  Secretary screens calls.                      Gatekeeper  - receptionist  - call screener. 

         12 pages of the traditional questions that you should ask a prospect during a sales call.   

         Does the prospect Need your services.                     Do They Want Our Your Services. 

         Do They Have Money To Invest.                                Discuss Money Issues.
         Time For Reviewing  Your Services.                          Best Time to Meet For An Appointment.
         Have They Made A Decision.                                     Discover Potential For Doing Business.
         Close On Services & Best Values.                             Commentment To Get Your Services.  
         Get An Agreement.                                                     Overcome Reluctance / Take The Next Step.

    RED pages contain Questions that must be answered & Objections that must be responded to.                                 

          Respond with 24 pages & up to 6 responses on each page.  Every 1-liner offers a different approach to the objection. 
         These are the "most often heard" objections & questions.

          I don’t need your services.                                      I don’t want your services.
          I’m not interested.                                                   Not interested unless the price is right.
          I don’t want whatever you’re selling.                       I don’t trust those who sell services.
          I can get lower prices on your services.                 Do you have the lowest prices?
          Others will cut their fees & prices.                          Will you cut your prices?
          Not a good time. - I want to wait.                            Wait for something to change.

          Not now  - Maybe in the future.                               I'm Too busy  -  No time to see you.
          Send me some information.                                    Call me some other time.
          I’ll think about it - Non-committal.                            Stalling & won’t make a commitment. 
          Friend in the business  - sells similar services.       Why should I choose your financial services?
          Why should I change services?                              Why are you calling?
          I get a lot of calls.                                                    I Had A Bad experience.

  YELLOW  pages contain the traditional selling language & the reasons to do business.                                             
                   There are 12 pages of dialogue with many places for you to put your personal information.    
         "30-Second Commercial" - aka: "elevator pitch."     Company Services Profile and services of your company.
         3 Reasons to Choose Our Services.                        Guarantees  -  References  -  Affiliations.
         Why Meet With Me.  -  Meeting Outline.                   3 Reasons to Choose My Services.
         Benefits of Choosing Me For Services.                    Our Specialities.  Our Resources.
         Advantages of our services.                                     Things that our services can do better.                       
         Company  Highlights - History - Facts.                     Presentation Of Our Services   (by phone)     

Reducing the cost of getting a new customer or client. The winner takes all. If you have a lock on the prospect/customer and they're on your side of the ledger, you are denying them from the competition. Any time you can do that, it's one more new customer that is in your domain and not in somebody else’s. The cost of pursuing a prospect ceases, instead the revenue starts coming to you and your company. The cost of not pursuing a prospect increases especially if market share is critical.

                           If you don't get a prospect now, capturing them may cost the a lot more in the future.

                          As the cost of pursuing new clients starts adding up, the cost of a sales scripts will seem negligible.

With a script for telemarking selling services, you can increase income for the company. Sales-assistants and telemarketers prospecting with a script for telemarketing for new business can increases the bottom line exponentially.