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Scripts to sell SERVICES

                                              Scripts for Services.        

Scripts for service sales by telephone is the best method for getting new business. Using scripts for selling services by phone is the most basic method of getting new business. Scripts for selling services by using the telephone is a valuable source of new business and is the lifeblood of professional sales.

Selling services by telephone has never really gone out of style regardless of the technical revolution. Business's are using the telephone to reach prospects because of the proliferation of relatively inexpensive cell phones and the use of social media.   

                      Scripts to sell services.           Scripts for selling services.                    
                  Scripts are cut-down and ready to use right out of the box.         Includes a high quality "Leatherette" 3-ring binder plus 4
                  60 pages of dialogue that you can access at a glance.                plastic section flippers.

                                                                  Prospecting scripts to sell services.       
                                                                  Includes a 24 page Instruction Booklet and a script writing          
                                                                  kit to help you write your own additional prospecting scripts.                    


Scripts for services using the telephone has increased dramatically in recent years. Prospecting by telephone has never really gone out of style regardless of the "technical revolution." Salespeople often forget what to say
when they make a prospecting call unless they have a  prospecting script for the sale of services. Prospecting scripts for services using the telephone has traditionally been the best way to get prospects and new business.

You don't have to memorize long wordy scripts, you just have to know where the headings are located. Simply flip to a heading/topic page & choose one of the five or six 1-liners and read it to the prospect. Just determine when to Talk and when to Listen and when to go into a Selling mode .. then pick a heading & read a 1-liner to the prospect.      

It's the most cost effective marketing method of reaching prospects! Scripts for the sale of services using the telephone is the most cost effective method of prospecting for new business. It outranks all of the other marketing methods combined. It is the single most often overlooked factor that is worth of all other activities that the company does. If the cost of prospecting using the telephone is lower then other forms of marketing, it should take priority. 

The cost of getting a new prospect is the litmus test of choosing a marketing method. By estimating the cost effectiveness of each marketing method, you will soon discover the return on each dollar spent. The common denominator is that each method of getting new business all cost money. Success of sales of services is that it always always depends on what you say to a prospect.      

Prospecting script for the sale of services without pressure.  
Having a well written sales script for selling services gives you many ways to say something instead of just one way. Scripts for selling services insures that salesperson give the same uniform message, guarantees, and policies that the company must stand behind. When you are skillful with the words of a sales script, you don't have to constantly sell, use pressure, or be manipulative.
 You can ask for business in person and you get immediate results.  You choose the time to make the call to the people you wish to do business with. 

Smooth-talker sales scripts is a cost-effective sales tool. A telephone sales call is worth all of the other marketing methods combined. It is the single most often overlooked factor that is worth of all other activities that the company does. If the cost of prospecting scripts for the sales of services using the telephone is lower then other forms of marketing, then telephone prospecting should take priority and that method should get the most resources. 


Ways to get new business must be measured. Start by listing all of the marketing methods to get new business. It could be from of newspaper advertising, magazine advertising, television, radio, mail campaigns, yellow-pages, etc. Identify all sources and marketing methods of where your business comes from and measure to result against direct calling using the telephone. Determine wether the marketing method is active or passive, and direct or indirect.

Calculate the cost of each method of customer acquision to see if it is cost-effective enough to continue using that method. You can estimate the number of “bone-fide” prospects that come from each method. Calculate the cost per customer, including those that are in the “pipeline” to see if each type of expenditure is justified. Spending money unnecessarily is an important decision that only you can make when figuring out your business strategy. Your next task is to decide how you contact the prospect in the most cost efficient way.

Some methods have a high cost per customer acquision and are a luxury that you simply cannot afford.
 Sales scripts for services are using the telephone to reach prospects because of the proliferation of relatively inexpensive cell phones, and the use of social media, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.  The success of business sales of services is that it always always depends on what you say to a business prospect.

You can get immediate feedback. 
Telephone prospecting for the sale of services is the best connection that can be made. You can ask for business in person and you'll get immediate results. You also choose the time of day when you make the call to the potential prospect you wish to do business with. 

               Headings of the scripts for the sale of services are listed below:  

      GREEN  24 pages. It's your turn to Talk. Usually asking questions & requesting an appointment.  

12 pages:  
Lead-off scripts that
 dialogue identifies you, gives a reason for the call, and states a brief selling message.  
              Building our business.                                        Calling clients who bought services.
              Building my client base.                                      Follow-up call.
              Previously contacted.                                         Calling clients after a mailing.
              Call to present my services.                               Old prospect -  renew interest.
              Calling early or calling after business hours.      Referral from a person who knows you.
              Call dodger  -  Secretary screens calls.              Gatekeeper  - receptionist  - call screener.  

12 pages:   Traditional questions that you should ask a prospect.

             Does the prospect Need my Services.                    Potential    Desire for Our Products & Services.                   
             Does the prospect 
Want My Services.                    Decision   To buy Services.

             Talk About Money & Best Price.                             Close on Quality of Services & Best value. 

             Discuss Finances.                                                   Commitment  to Buy the Products & Services.

             Time For Buying the Services.                                Get an Agreement.  

             When is the Best Time to Meet.                              Build a relationship.
 Overcome Reluctance.
          Prospecting scripts to sell services.   

       RED pages. 24 pages of Questions that must be answered & Objections that must be responded to.                           
                               These are the questions and objections that prospects typically ask you.
           I’m Not Interested.                                                   Not Now - Maybe in the Future.
           Whatever you’re selling I don't want.                       I Don’t Need to Buy Right Now.
           I Don’t Need Your Services.                                    I’m Getting A Lot Of Calls.   
           I Don’t Want Your Services.                                    Call Me Some Other Time.
           Too busy     No time to see you.                             Why Are You Calling?
           Send Me Some Information.                                    I’ll Think about It  - Non-committal.

           I Can Get a Better Price.                                          I Want to Wait       Not Now. 
           Will you negotiate your price?                                  Wait for Something to Change.
           Others Will Cut Their Price.                                     Stalling -  Won’t Make a Commitment.
           Will You Cut Your Price?                                         Why Should I Choose You & your services?
           I’m not interested unless the price is right.              Why should I change Suppliers?
           Friend in the Business, Sells similar services.         Bad Experience with salespeople & services.  

        Sales scripts for selling services.   
       YELLOW pages.   Selling dialogue. 12 pages of the reasons & benefits to do business with you.     
           30-Second Commercial. aka: "Elevator Pitch."        3 Reasons to Choose Our Company.
           Description of Services.                                           3 Reasons to Choose Our Services.
           Incentives To Choose Our Services.                       Benefits of Choosing Our Services.
           Guarantees  -  References  -  Affiliations.                Presentation of Services.   (by phone)      
Reasons To Meet With Me.                                     Company Profile, History, Facts.   
           Salespersons personel Profile.                                Important Information, Phone numbers.

Sales scripts for selling services.


Direct calling scripts to sell services vs. marketing and advertising methods. Prioritize which method creates more prospects for new businss. Many companies overlook the simple procedure of prioritizing their resources to obtain new business. Does your business plan call for you to advertise on television, radio, and magazines? Company owners are pulled in every direction by those who give convincing arguments favoring their own pet method. 

Where does the script for selling services fit in the prospecting process? 
Scripts to sell services is in reality, communications in the disguise of a “sales call.” Spending money unnecessarily is an important decision that only you can make when figuring out your business strategy. Anything other should be a part of your business plan only if you can afford it.